Nextion 7inch instead of DuetPanel?

  • Hi everybody,

    I am actually working on a duetwifi model. I would like to use a nextion panel to do the job instead of the duetpanel.

    I try to read data from the paneldue to do the same with nextion and to be able to communicate with duetwifi.

    But.... I have connected the paneldue to an arduino. I tried to read the data on serial port and even I2C. But I can't get relevant datas.

    Has someone already tried this?

    The goal is indeed to have a customized panel. Maybe there is another way with the paneldue?

    Thanks a lot already for your replies.



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    @zeuz The PanelDue communicates over a serial connection with the Duet. In order to use a Nexion panel instead you would need to write the firmware for the Nexion to talk to the Duet. If you want to simulate this using an Arduino you should connect the Arduin to the Duet (to send serial commands to the Duet).

  • Hey! Thanks for your reply!

    That's it! I have connected the panel due to an arduino to read over the serial port...

    But I don't know the baudrate. I tried several... but I only get weird characters.
    Do you maybe know what should I use to read that?

    I tried with software serial library. And also a simple read as FTDI but... I see on the panel due that it seems to be an UART port.

    I am not sure of this... I can do a firmware for the nextion but I need to know what should nextion send as code. I have read Paneldue send G-code over serial. Ok... But how?

    Thanks a lot!

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    You can start with the PanelDue Firmware:

  • Ok... Good. I though the firmware was only available in .bin format.

    Thanks for this sources. I got work ahead now. Thank you.

    Maybe do you want me to post any relevant information about this progress?
    I see that it is not yet much extended.



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    @zeuz Yes please do post your progress ans Nextion firmware sources!

  • @zeuz It may be easiert to connect through ESP8266, as is has Wifi already:

    To send / receive G-Code should be easier with it through an internet connection.

    If you develop a solution, please think of the 3.5 inch Nextion users also - I have one 😉 (a joke, I have a PanelDue also. But Nextion is very interesting, so I bought one. The GUI elements stored in the display is interesting concept).

  • Okay.

    So first relevant information :
    I can now read from the PanelDue with an Arduino and the SerialSoftware Libary (native in arduino IDE)

    I have used an 9600 baudrate to read the data from DuetPanel.

    In example :

    When I press the home button from the PanelDue, I got

    N439 M408 S0*98

    This means the G-code is sent over serial and can be used on UART port.

    So I am gonna try now to create a small interface in Nextion with a button that send the same... Let's see. 🙂

    @JoergS5 : I guess using the nextion editor, with your config for your hardware should work as well.

    My intention is to get a customized interface with a library to choose some defined models to print... 5as we can see on several other printers)

    I come back.


  • @zeuz The CoreNG project may be of use for you also, in variant.cpp and UARTClass.cpp is included code of the communication between Duet and PanelDue.

    Home of CoreNG:

    Higher level PanelDue related code is in RepRapFirmware also.

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    Make sure that your nextio doesn't feed more than 3.3V into the receive port of the PanelDue connector.

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