Filament Jams

  • I've got a Tevo Little monster that I've upgrade to a Duet WiFi. Been working pretty good, but starting having an odd issue.

    Running Hatchbox Black PLA, everything works great.

    Switch to Hatchbox Blue PLA and the printer will Jam after about 1 hour of printing. The jam actually occurs in the nozzle.

    I thought it might be the nozzle, and i was wanting to upgrade to an e3d hot end, so i've replaced the nozzle, thermister, block and heater cartage. All of this didn't solve the issue. I've also upped the temp about 10 degrees but that didn't' seem to help.

    Does anyone have any idea's?


  • Since the problem started when you switched filament, if you switch back does it go away? You might have a bad spool of filament...

    Otherwise, the usual questions: What is print temperature? Is the hot-end cooling fan running? How long is retraction? Nozzle diameter? Print speed? Layer thickness? Geared extruder? Does the extruder drive gear chew up the filament?

  • I have had bad spools of PLA that will do this. Even right out of the box. I would get a fresh spool and try that. I typically print Hatchbox at about 205c, (not blue) no issues. I have had other brands of PLA that need higher temperatures, but with any decent PLA it should be pretty forgiving.

    Another thing to check is that sometimes these printers come with really cheap bowden couplings. Sometimes they can be fine, so I wouldn't run out and replace them, but that is something I would check because that can cause problems that would look like a clog.

    My experience is that actual clogs are usually caused by PLA crystallizing in the hot end when switching to higher temperature filaments. Or Residual high temperature firmaments that did not get fully purged when switching back to PLA. I purge the hot end with Esun cleaning filament when switching to and from PLA, to PETG, ABS, etc... since it has a very wide temperature range.

  • Thanks. I'll try a new spool. I ran out of black and got a deal on 10 rolls of blue. so....

  • So new spool and same thing. printing at 210 and 220 same result. seems to happen faster at 210. bed at 60.

    Retractions 5mm at 30mm/s coast of .2mm

  • oh and one nozzle was old (First) but worked well with black. the second nozzle is brand new.

  • Confirmed it was the filament. New roll works.

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