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    @sjason1377 said in Dave's so proud:

    yes that's correct. I went back to p7 and it works now

    From https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode:

    P5 (from RepRapFirmware 1.14) selects a switch by default (normally closed) for bed probing between the In and Gnd pins of the Z-probe connector (Duet 0.8.5 and Duet WiFi).
    P7 (from RepRapFirmware 1.20) selects a switch (by default normally closed) connected to the Z endstop input.
    P9 (from RepRapFirmware 1.21RC2) is as P5 but for a BLTouch probe that needs to be retracted and redeployed between probe points.

    So if P7 worked, he must have his BLTouch connected to the Z endstop input; whereas P9 requires it to be connected to the Z probe input.

  • @dc42 said in [Dave's so proud]

    So if P7 worked, he must have his BLTouch connected to the Z endstop input; whereas P9 requires it to be connected to the Z probe input.

    One thing I have noticed is that folks who are not good at attention to details often struggle with configuring 3D printers (and other things as well).

    Aside from the occasional mistake they we all make from time to time it is clear you very much know what you are doing.

    Thank you for your hard work, the Duet family of products has made building my printers so much easier and enjoyable.


  • I think i can say i have some experience with Duet3D boards and Dave's software.
    For reference we produce printers from 3.5m tall and built more than enough of the smaller ones (60cm buildheight). All are using Dave's software. Never found a better supportive programmer than David!

    Ofcourse there are bugs. Tell him and he will try to fix it. Don't expect it next day, but believe me he will try his best!

    I see Jason is banned allready and that's good! If you don't know how much time is given by people for free! and are bashing them for it? Please leave...

    Guys we all have alot of respect for you! Keep up the great work!

  • That has quickly devolved into some weird drama, but for what it's worth... This level of entitlement and lack of gratitude is simply astounding. Duet forums are amazing as far as support goes. I haven't seen any big open source projects where the lead dev is so quick to respond and help users with very mundane problems. Not to mention that the whole project is very much alive, with constant firmware and hardware updates. And both are kept as open source as they can be. Simply amazing, hope you guys can keep it up.

  • @mike It was just one individual. The one who started the thread and who behaved so badly that he ended up getting himself banned. No real drama.

  • Dave's the best

  • You're the man, David. We are lucky to have someone like you who is so involved in interacting and helping out the community while at the same time being the main developer. Thank you!

    edit: didn't realize the last person bumped up an old thread...whoops. Either case, the sentiment remains. 🙂


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