Setting large Z-Probe Offset

  • My Z Probe is 53 mm below the nozzle tip.
    When I do the delta calibration the only way to prevent the probe from crashing into the bed is setting in M558 the H parameter to 53 (although I'd expect the head to stop as soon the probe is triggered). H < 53 crashes. So I have in config.g:

    M558 P4 I1 H53 F120 T3600
    G31 P500 X0 Y0 Z5

    Auto calibration works fine with H53 and the probe rises nicely to about 5mm above the bed between trigger points.

    What sucks is that after calibration the mesh bed leveling will always start very high > 53mm and probing would take forever.

    Also when I do a M500 after calibration the H value in M665 is way off.

    Any idea how to work with my probe setup on Duet?

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    I think you should have your Z trigger height at 53 (or rather at exactly the distance between the nozzle and the height that the Z probe registers a trigger:

    G31 P500 X0 Y0 Z53

    That will allow you to use a more sensible dive height in M558

    Have a look here to see how to set the Z trigger height:

  • @T3P3Tony thank you very much, that solved my problem!

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