DWC autofill annoyance

  • I'm using DWC 1.21.2-dc42. If I at one time enter M42 P7 S100, then later I want to type M42 P7 S10, then the autofill feature will never let me actually enter M42 P7 S10. It will always autofill to S100 and not S10.

    Even if I delete the last 0, the S100 will be highlighted in the history drop down menu, and I hit enter and it autofills! Sometimes I'm able to out-maneuver it and actually send the command I want, but its annoying. Anybody else experiencing this?

    I do like that the history is being captured, but I think it would be better if one of the historical entries does not get highlighted until the up or down arrows are pressed or an entry is clicked.

  • Oh sorry, but yes, looks like you already have implemented a fix for it. I'll download it when its released (or is it already released?).

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    It was definitely made less aggressive, but it's still rather insistent sometimes.

    There is a newer DWC version, but the fix mentioned should already be present in the version you are using, so I'm not sure that will change it for you.

  • @phaedrux Ok, looks like hitting ESC to make the drop down go away will solve the issue for me (as chrishamm mentioned in the second link)☺ . Not ideal, but at least its a workaround for now.

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    Personally I'd like to be able to turn it off completely as it greatly increases the chance of accidentally entered a bogus value. Midprint that could lead to a failed print or worse.

  • Indeed it is most annoying.

    I haven't updated to the most recent - I hope it is "fixed".


  • My preference is to have it only pop up if I press the up arrow - then I could see the historical entries, and hit enter in order to select one. This is basically how Pronterface/Printrun worked and was extremely helpful for me (but it didn't have a popup window - it just autofilled one entry backwards with each arrow press).

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