DWC 1.22 retraction while printing

  • Hi, I have set firmware retraction in my slicer and want to change retraction during print. Before it worked fine but after updating to new duet web interface 1.22 (duet 2 wifi) it doesnt work anymore. Gives me the following error.

    Sending M207 S3.4 R0 F4200 T1800 Z0.4 in Gcode console

    A JavaScript error has occurred so the web interface has closed the connection to your board. It is recommended to reload the web interface now. If this happens again, please contact the author and share this error message:

    Version: 1.22
    Message: TypeError: rememberedGCodes.indexOf is not a function
    Line: 1175:52
    Error object: {}

  • I also have this error for most of the time when doing it in the console.wil ltry upgrade to 1.22.2 and firmware 2.02beta

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    I have made chrishamm aware that several users have been getting this particular javascript error, however he is travelling so it may be a while before he can attend to this. If necessary I will look at doing a patch to fix it.

  • upgraded to 2.02beta and DWC 1.22.1 with the same result

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    @jasperkm @AlexLin Can you try this?

    Go to settings, List items, and delete all the entries in Default Gcodes, and hit apply.

  • This fixes it, tho I dont know what is default gcodes? What happens when I delete them? I notice that the gcode I send via console now shows up in default gcode under list item

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    It used to be a list of gcode you could create that would show up in the send gcode box dropdown, but it has now become a list of any gcode you have manually entered into the console and is used as a autocomplete repository for the gcode console.

    Good to hear that fixes it though.

  • So am I correct in assuming that it doesn't do anything anymore, just acts like a log? Thanks a lot for the fix!

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    @jasperkm I'm not sure if that's the intention, but that seems to be the way it works. I miss the old way. I had used it for the various gcode commands that you need only occasionally but can never remember off the top of your head like allow cold extrude or whatever. Now I have a macro folder with those commands.

  • I remember also doing this, had some weird items (numbers 1-5) in the GCodes list after some upgrade.
    I deleted them and everything was fine.

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