Precision Piezo Orion i can not get it to work

  • Hi,

    i cant get work Precision Piezo Orion...I have tried many things.
    The final test was to mount it with the printed pieces that came in the kit, in the original extruder, on E3D knockoff, which originally mounted the TLM ... but nothing ...

    The configuration in config.g, is "M558 P5 I1 F500 X0 Y0 Z0", but nothing, the blue LED turns on, but as much as I turn the potentiometer in one direction and another, I can not get it to turn off, and turn on the led Red.

    Attached photos.

    0_1535708682512_Test 01.jpg
    0_1535708707527_Test 02.jpg
    0_1535708724423_Test 03.jpg

    Some idea, I do not know what to do, try.

    Thank you

  • Can you try just plugging in the bare board with no other parts. Remember that if you are touching the PCB or the screwdriver when you turn the potentiometer it will probably make the board trigger, you need to turn the potentiometer a little, then remove the screwdriver before checking the LED.


  • Hi,

    I disconnect everything except Precision Piezo Orion? or leave something connected?

    POtentiometer... Only have 1 turn, 360 degrees. No?

  • Hi,

    news.... in this position, turn of blue light, and turn on red light.... i wa turning potentiometer clockwise...

    0_1535712262101_Test 4 Red led.jpg

  • I mean to disassemble the Orion Module from all the plastic but leave it plugged into the board.

    The potentiometer has only one turn, 360degrees. Yours is still pointing the wrong way, turn it 180 degrees.


  • Hi,

    i have dismounted, only connected PPO to ZProbe socket. After i have turn potentiometer in 45º interval.... and nothing, always blue light....

    I have to setup Zprobe in a special form in config.g?

  • My config.g looks like this, but yours will be different because you have a delta.

    ; Z-Probe
    M574 Z1 S2 ; Set endstops controlled by probe ( Z-endstop is Z-probe)
    M558 P8 I1 H2 R0.5 F300 T6000 ; Set Z probe type to switch and the dive height + speeds
    G31 P500 X0 Y0 Z0 ; Set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height
    M557 X20:338 Y5:330 S50 ; Define mesh grid

    The configuration is not the problem at the moment. If we cannot make the Orion PCB tune correctly with the red LED on and the blue LED off then it will not work. I will send you a replacement PCB, it is possible that the potentiometer has become damaged.


  • Hi,

    i have try to change my config.g to M558 P8 I1 H2 R0.5 F300 T6000 .... and the same.

    After, i have turn the potentiometer, and sometimes change to red led... but i when red its iluminated, try rotate it a little, to adjust it as in the video, it changes to blue, and if I return it to the position where it used to be lit in red, now it does not change...

    Other times, when it is lit in blue, and I bring the screwdriver to the potentiometer, without turning it, it changes red ...

    What I do?

  • The circuit is very sensitive, contact with the screwdriver can cause triggering. I think that the potentiometer is damaged, I have sent you a replacement PCB. When the new PCB arrives, try your mount before adjusting the potentiometer. In most cases the standard position for the board as manufactured will work well enough to make sure that your firmware settings are good.


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