Looking for ideas to fix too-heavy effector

  • Just rebuilt my kossel with larger frame and bed. Now the only parts left from the original Anycubic are the linear rails. Had to build my own effector arms due to not finding any long enough for the new size. (Thanks, David, for the pointer on your blog to the video on cutting carbon tubing!) Anyway, apparently I've gone over the limit of the inertia in the system with these new arms. Old arms were 288mm/4mm, these are 495mm/8mm so quite a bit larger. Using smart effector with mag balls, same as before. Now, when the motors are turned off, the effector falls down, where before it would not. Other than not turning the motors off at the end of a print, any good way to keep the effector from falling onto the print? Got a melted dent in a part from the nozzle falling onto it just now.

    Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

    Other than that, the Duet controller made the change pretty painless--just update a few values in config.g and recalibrate, ready to go!

    Thanks in advance for any help or comments.

  • Might try a retractable key chain.

  • Thanks! I'll try that.

  • You could also try keeping the motors powered up but at a lower power when the print finishes so it doesn’t drop. Would mean that it doesn’t completely shut off but would save a dent in your print. You would probably need to play around with this to get the right current setting.

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