T3P3 Kossel XL+ connection PanelDue to Duet-Board lost

    • Think3dPrint3d Kossel XL Plus (2/3 weeks old)
    • Duet Wifi
    • PanelDue
    • Firmware from before 2/3 weeks (stable)

    Hi all, till yesterday my Think3dPrint3d Kossel XL Plus ran like a charme. Then suddenly - during print - it first lost the WIFI-connection (printer still moved on, Touch still fine; such a lost wifi-connection never happened before).

    As the console said, the gcode-file was in auto-resume-whatsoever-mode i thought it might be a good idea to just restart the printer. That worked well - the print directly moved on. The web-panel (website of printer) became available again.

    But since then my PanelDue (Touch-screen) doesn't connect to the board anymore. It shows "Connecting". The amount of tools doesn't automatically decrease to the real vaiue as it usually did. Temps are not usable and so on.

    Switching off power doesn't change anything (old windows-habbits 😉 ).

    Printer itself - controlled via web-interface - is still doing fine. Just the touch-screen is unusable.

    I neither have an idea WHY the connection between Touch-Screen and board got lost, nor how to get it back working.

    Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    @kolja thats a strange problem, can you triple check the connection between the PanelDuet and the Duet please

  • @t3p3tony Will do so when getting home again (tomorrow evening or thursday). Theoretically nothing physically should have happened as the printer didn't move and is standing like a brick.

  • @t3p3tony Righdo. Unfortunately now the whole printer seems to go funny. Coming back home this evening i switched it on. Situation with Touch-panel kept as described above.

    Now, 2 hours later, when switching on, the following happens:

    • Touch-screen doesn't even switch on - obviously no power (cable's connected properly)
    • hotend-fan is directly starting although hotend's still cool
    • web-interface is starting, but showing "heater 1 fault" error, temperature's showing 2000°C (no matter, wether printer's only powered via USB or via 24V)

    Next try, cable completely disconnected from PanelDue Touch-screen:

    • hotend-fan working as desired
    • web-interface not showing an error anymore

    So probably there's a problem with the ribbon-cable or the Panel-part itself.

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    If it's not the integrated PanelDue, does the Duet work when the LCD is disconnected from the PanelDue controller but the controller is connected to the Duet? If so then perhaps the screen is drawing too much current.

  • @dc42 Dave, i'll give that a try. Let's see, what happens (if so, i'd wonder why it used to work flawlessly the last weeks).

  • Ok. As follows (switched off printer between steps):

    1. try - ribbon 2 board | touch off
      no error
    2. ribbon 2 board 2 touch
    3. r 2 b
      no error
    4. r 2 b 2 t
      display lighting up, "connecting..." (so no temp-error, no fan)
    5. r 2 b
      no error
    6. r 2 b 2 t
      error (fan, temp wrong)

    the cable itself visually looks alright. didn't get my hands on my multimeter yet. reckon checking the cable for contact on each wire would be next step?

  • Another check before fiddling with the multimeter (kept on printer between steps):

    1. Switch on printer - ribbon 2 board 2 touch
      error (fan, temp 2000°C)
    2. While running disconnect board from touch
      error disappears
    3. Directly attach board to touch again
      error again

    Can reliably repeat 2 and 3. So my guess: Ribbon-cable's fine. The touch-display seems to be the source of error. Can somebody confirm or point to a more detailed check? Thanks in advance.

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    Does it make any difference if you provide power to the PanelDue through its USB port?

    Can you confirm that the 5V regulator on the Duet is enabled? If so, does the small square chip U3 get hot when the problem occurs?

  • @dc42 said in T3P3 Kossel XL+ connection PanelDue to Duet-Board lost:

    Can you confirm that the 5V regulator on the Duet is enabled? If so, does the small square chip U3 get hot when the problem occurs?

    • How can i confirm the 5V regulator is enabled?
    • Where do i find the information which chip is U3?

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    1. The 5V regulator is enabled if you have a jumper across the INT_5V_EN pins, see the wiring diagram at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Duet_Wiring_Diagrams. The alternative is that you are supplying 5V power to the ue through its USB connector or through the EXT_5V connector.

    2. U3 is close to that jumper and has "U3" in white lettering on the PCB close to one corner of it.

    • powering the PanelDue via a strong USB (capable 2A+)
      • USB + Printer on: no change, display off, temp-error, fan blowing
      • USB alone (Printer off: display off)
    • INT_5V_EN: enabled
    • U3
      • touch connected: U3 cold
      • touch dis-connected: U3 cold, errors disappear

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    @kolja said in T3P3 Kossel XL+ connection PanelDue to Duet-Board lost:

    USB alone (Printer off: display off)

    That's not right. With the PanelDue powered from USB and the printer off, the PanelDue display should be on and showing "Connecting" even if the it isn't connected to the Duet. Perhaps your USB PSU has failed?

  • @dc42 The usb-psu is working properly. i'd say, the touch-screen just doesn't say anything anymore.

    Re-checked just a minute ago. The display is not showing anything no matter where or what power it's getting (printer on alone; usb powering the duet-board with leds properly on).

    Powering the duet-board by USB always switched on the touch-screen before the problems occured. Right now nothing's happening anymore except that the 2.000°C-error + fan blowing is happening when the full connection duet-board - paneldue-controller-board - touch-screen is established and printer's powered.

    My guess would be that the touch-screen has an error/is broken. Do you think the same?

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    I suspect the touch screen is broken. However, the touch screen will also be off if the firmware has been erased.

  • Yes. But probably firmware couldn't be gone, popup again once and be gone again from then on - although not being impossible. And that would also not account for the temp-error troubling the whole system once touch-screen is hooked up to controller.

    Thanks Dave for your help. Really much appreciated! I reckon that it helped Roland, too.

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