• What is supposed to be within stop.g? mine is empty. And where do we find the latest .g files?

  • Stop.g can contain whatever you want to happen when your print is finished. It can be called with M0 in your slicer end gcode.

    For example, mine contains this

    ; stop.g
    ; called when M0 (Stop) is run (e.g. when a print from SD card is cancelled)
    ; Also called by slicer end gcode by M0
    M400			; Finish move queue
    M104 S0 		; Extruder heater off
    M140 S0 		; Bed heater off
    M106 S255 		; Fan at 100 to cool nozzle and bed
    G91			; Relative positioning
    M220 S100		; Set speed factor back to 100% in case it was changed
    M221 S100		; Set extrusion factor back to 100% in case it was changed
    G1 E-2			; Retract filament 2mm
    G1 X5 Y5		; Wipe nozzle 
    G1 Z5			; raise nozzle 5mm from printed part
    G90			; Absolute positioning
    M104 S35		; Set hot end low and wait
    G4 S300			; Wait 5 minutes
    M116			; wait for temp to drop
    M106 S0			; Fan off
    M104 S0			; extruder heater off
    G28 X Y			; Home X and Y
    G28 X Y			; Home it again, Sam.
    M84			; Steppers off
    M98 P"ZSpeedsNormal.g"	; Load normal z speed settings again.
    ;Play a little beep beep beep to show print ended.
    M400			; Clear queue again before jingle
    G4 S1
    M300 P250 S750
    G4 P251
    M300 P200 S1250
    G4 P201
    M300 P250 S750
    G4 P251
    M300 P200 S1250
    G4 P201
    M300 P250 S2500
    G4 P251
    M300 P150 S2000
    G4 P151
    M300 P150 S2500
    G4 P151
    M300 P350 S3700
    G4 P351

    I'm not sure what you mean by the latest g files.

  • By latest I just was thinking that perhaps there was a standard Stop.g file with stuff in it to start as a starting point for modifying.

    During homing, my STOP button works from DWC, but not from the PanelDue. Do these 2 different stop buttons run different files?

  • @jml I believe the emergency stop buttons send a halt and restart command. They don't run stop.g.

    Does the button on the paneldue do anything when you touch it?

  • @phaedrux it normally resets the board. But if I am setting up my printer and I press home, and I realize it is homing in the wrong direction, I should be able to hit the stop button in order to stop/reset the printer at that moment. I think it waits until the current move is done.

  • Yes I think that may be a limitation.

    You may want to look into getting a true emergency stop button that can kill the power immediately. Like a big red plunger button.

    Hitting the power switch will do the same.

  • administrators

    The stop button on PanelDue has the drawback that the command it sends gets queued like other commands, so it will wait for the homing command to finish first. It's on my list to have it send an out-of-band signal that can bypass the queue.

  • Ah I see, that explains it. I guess I'll get a big emergency stop button until then!


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