I2C Changes?

  • Have there been any hardware changes with respect to I2C between the Duet 2, and the previous version of the board?

    What about in terms of software - has that been changed at all in the last year?

    I2C is working fine on my old board, but not my new one. Wiring is correct, and the address and command signals are the same.

  • Its looking like a wiring issue... If I send the command once, the probability of the peripheral device reacting is low. But then if I hold the enter key down so that it is sent a hundred times rapidly, then at some point during that time, the peripheral acts as if it has received the message. These damn cheap jumper wires!

  • Nope it was some kind of grounding issue.

  • Uh.... you seem to be talking to yourself. 😉

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    @jml no changes to i2c in hardware. There has been additional functionality added in firmware a few releases ago.

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