• I just noticed in the wiki that FTP and Telnet are not available on the Duet Wifi. This was a surprise and a bit sad, since I prefer using a native FTP app over the web interface to upload G-Code files. I can live without Telnet, but more importantly, how do I perform other operations on the file hierarchy like renaming and moving files around without FTP?


  • I suffer from a lack of FTP too. Never used non-FTP access to files on my older Duet 0.6.

  • I am considering modifying the firmware to add support for WebDAV. Should be easier than FTP, given that there's already an HTTP server in place.

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    I have been discussing this with David and Christian (the designer of DuetWebControl). We think the best option is to use HTTP within the existing RepRapFirmware and DWC communications protocol to add file manipulation functionality to DWC. To quote Christian:

    Using the rr_ command set we can already list directory contents, create directories, move and upload files.

    I can't say when Christian will have time to implement the changes to DWC but it's on the to-do list.

    Another change on the to-do list is to allow editing of all the /sys/ and /macros/ gcode files in the browser which should also help reduce the requirement to access the SD card.

  • My personal simple work around for /sys files is to take an initial copy of the SD card onto a NAS share then modify any required files on the NAS share first and upload directly via DWC.
    This keeps an up to date backup of the SD card at all times in case of failure and negates the need for ftp.

  • I didn't realize the web interface allowed moving of files and directories, but it indeed does with drag-and-dropping the names in file listings. Interesting.

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    I did not realise it did that either!

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