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  • Hi,

    I put my doubts here, although I know they are not from here, in case someone can give me some idea.
    So far I have always printed with PLA and ABS, but after reading about the PETG, I have decided to try it.
    The first impressions with PETG went well, but after dismantling and assembling the Hotend, I am having problems with the printing of this material. Get printed approximately 2 and a half layers, and then jam in the extruder. Always the same, once stuck I do a "cold pull" and I can see in the tip of the filament that I extract a pile of material ... as if something had plugged it. As a result of clogging, loss of steps in the extruder, the material "slips" and is not extruded
    I have tried several things, one of them is to print without layer fans ... With similar result.
    The truth is that I do not know what it can be. I put here the parameters that I use, in case you can give me ideas of things to try:

    Extruder: Nimble
    Hotend: Prometheus v2
    Slicer: Cura 3.2.1
    Layer: Height 0,16 mm
    Hotend Temp: 245 C
    Bed Temp: 70 C
    Speed: 30 mm/sec
    Jerk: 0,5 mm
    Layer fan: I have try with 25% and NO layer fan
    Retraction Speed: 18 mm/s – Works with ABS and Nimble extruder

    What can try? What can change?

    Thanks in advance

  • Solved....

    I have change slicer software....

  • Changed to which one?

  • Simplify 3d

  • I can assure folks that there is no problem using Cura to slice PETG prints. I use PETG a lot and only use Cura and do not ever suffer from extruder jams while printing.

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    @burtoogle it's clearly settings related.

    @peirof It would be helpful to know what the difference in settings was from one to the other. Jams would hint at retraction being too aggressive maybe?

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