Gcode file check.

  • Perhaps it would be easy to implement a gcode file check if its complete before printing?
    I have noticed that on prusa mk2. I slic3d my model and was about to print when message popped asking if i want to continue with incomplete file. It must checks for some end script in gcode file to verify.

  • A checksum (md5 or so) would be better, and would work with any slicer...

  • Yes but how checksum would be included with gcode and duet know what to look for?

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    I believe the Duet may already do some sort of verification check after the upload.

    @Agniusm are you finding that file you upload are being truncated?

    It's also more of an issue for the Prusa because it's typically the case that a file written to an SD card in a PC could be prematurely removed from the system by the user without completing the file write. It's a little different with the Duet since it's a network transfer directly to the SD card on the Duet. The write is always allowed to complete. If it fails it's likely the network being interrupted, which is caught anyway. If it's a failure of the SD card, the Duet is watching for that as well.

    Perhaps if the slicers generated and appended an MD5 checksum to the gcode file, the duet could read it and possibly compare it. That would be the better way to handle exact duplication of data. Since it's already standard and easily checkable through other means.

  • @phaedrux Its nkt with a prusa but rather slic3r. If you switch off programme to early it saves incomplete file. I did not had this with s3d. Another thing is when you write files to sd direct(i jave files that are 100mb and more, multiple) some dongles dont have LED to indicate writes.
    Anyway, its not major, but probably easy add-on for those ocasions where files get corrupted.

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    A clue is that if PanelDue or DWC can't tell you the amount of filament required by the print, the file may be incomplete.

    This used to be a particular problem with slic3r, because when writing the file it doesn't keep it open in exclusive mode, making it possible for you to upload it to the Duet before slic3r has finished writing it. I don't know if that has changed since I last used slic3r about 2 or 3 years ago.

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