CPU Replacement on Duet

  • Hi all,

    I am having trouble with my duet board V1.02. It no longer is viewable in the device manager and terminal of two devices and I even reset it to see if could get it to appear but it still does not. I have tested the two devices with a working duet and it is recognized. I have noticed that my cpu does seem to heat to 60c from usb power. this seems a little out of range. I have the resources to repair the board and I am wondering what would be the best way of diagnosing the issues at hand? I believe the cause of the fault was a short on the pwm fan output.

    Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    @loogyboy have you tried seeing if the board is recognised with nothing other than USB connected? If not and the CPU is getting 60C+ then it is likely to be fried. what is hard to say is if the event that caused the (12/24V into 3.3v/5v?) also damaged a number of other components.

  • Hi, follow up for anyone interested. I replaced the CPU as well as the Ethernet module with the esp-07 WiFi module. So far, movement, thermistors, fans, and g-code functions. Overall, everything seems to work except the WiFi which I am alright with. If anyone wants to know, I can describe what I did to replace the cpu successfully.

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    To get WiFi working you would need to use the ESP-07S, not the ESP-07, and upload DuetWiFiServer.bin to it from the SD card using the M997 S1 command.

  • @dc42 ahh... thats unfortunate. I misread one of your posts earlier and somehow got in my head that esp-07 was the correct module. thanks for pointing that out.

  • id like to know what all you had to do to replace the cpu, got a dead board here and most of the tools to do surface mount stuff so i figure ill give it a go

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