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  • I have an NPN probe I'm replacing my bltouch clone with.

    The clone works 95% of the time, this means mesh compensation is a bit hit and miss, literally. 🙄

    A quick question, can I pick up the 12v from the permanently on fan connection. I can't see any reason why not but better safe than sorry , which is why I'm asking.☺

    Thanks in advance

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    @stewwy said in inductive probe:

    A quick question, can I pick up the 12v from the permanently on fan connection.

    Yes, you can.

  • Great subject, thanks! Would that also work with a 24V power supply using VIN for the fans and a SN04-N?

    The SN04-N has the following markings:

  • Well it worked for me, thanks ☺

    @TLeTourneau don't forget the diode on the signal lead

  • @stewwy thanks! I am just trying to find a source where I don't have to get a 50 pack of them. 🙂

  • got mine for £2 for 5 x bat42 from ebay and they are always useful for this sort of thing

  • Would a 1N5818 Schottky work?

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    The diode isn't needed if you have a version 1.04 Duet, but make sure you connect the sensor output to the correct pin of the Z probe connector (the one labelled IN).

    And a 1N5818 would work.

  • @dc42 Thanks! I've connected the probe with the output (black wire) going to the Z Probe In, the negative (blue wire) going to the ground connection on the Z probe header and the positive (brown wire) going to the positive on an always on fan header. I have a V1.04 board so I did not use the Schottky although the BAT43's did arrive today :). The probe light comes on when the bed is near, now I just need to work out the configuration based on the information in the wiki. Thanks again for the help!

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    In the M558 command in config.g use either P8 or P5, and also use I1.


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