Duet Wifi board version?

  • I was looking at the wiring diagram here: https://d17kynu4zpq5hy.cloudfront.net/igi/duet3d/YN2oahyGpcPNN1Pw.huge

    I noticed that where the fuses are labelled, the one main fuse location seems to be common to all versions, and that there should be a 1A fuse for the fans at version 1.03, and then the 15A fuse for the bed at 1.04.

    My boards are labelled as being version 1.03, but I only have the single board fuse. Is the diagram wrong and the 1A fuse is a 1.04 thing, or is my board mislabelled?

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    The 1A fan circuit fuse was introduced at version 1.03. The 7.5A motor/extruder heater fuse and the 15A bed fuse were introduced at version 1.04.

  • 0_1541613947929_20181107_110324.png
    Just snapped this photo at work, it shows the silkscreen labelling the board as a V1.03, but I have only the single fuse.

    So is this board actually a v1.02? (Not that it's terribly important to me, unless something goes horribly wrong.)

  • One 1A blade fuse for the fans. Definitelly 1.03 😄

  • Oops. Misread that diagram. I thought that the 1.03 should have 2 blade fuses there. I'm still only halfway though my morning caffeine dose, even if it is past 11:00 AM.

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  • Since it was already out when I bought these, I do kind of wish that the reseller had v1.04 boards here, but that's the way that the distribution chain works. The reseller isn't going to order new ones until they sell the ones that they had in stock. Ah well. It does mean though that I will probably want to look at power distribution and fusing. I might end up using an external MOSFET for the heated bed so that I can put a more restrictive fuse on the main power line.

  • Thinking about creating a new topic, but it's most relevant here.

    I've been working under the assumptions here:

    As far as fans go, does the 1A fan fuse also cover PWM? I'm using some very powerful fans, and could draw up to 1.6A each.

    Also, I just blew a fuse on the duex 5 - the 7.5A one. I've been planning to pull ~1A from two of the heaters, and then about 5A each from another two of the Duex heaters (~12A in total if all are active at once) . This would also blow the 7.5A fuse out of the water.

    Would it be safe to increase that fuse if I know that each of the channels won't be going over 5A?

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    @tlas if you want to use multiple 1.6A fans then the 1A fan fuse needs to be increased. Most 3D printer Fans are substantiall less than that hence the 1A fuse. Also you need to check what the initial turn on current for those fans are. it may be significantly higher than 1.6A if they are 1.6A in normal operation.

    regarding the Duex, yes its safe to increase the fuse as long as you don't go over the maximum ratings of the individual heater channels. Also look at the total input current to the Duex and the wiring between that and the Duet and it all needs to be within spec.

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