Expansion breakout board

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    Continuing on from this topic here:

    I am collating a wishlist for the "basic" breakout for the expansion header that will simply enable plugging in of external drivers. This will allow people to use drivers such as the THB6064 drivers, MSD752 or similar, pololu drivers, legacy Duex4 (this breakout board will not be required for a Duex5) and anything else that can be added without adding significantly to the cost.

    outputs (in order of perceived priority)

    • 5 sets of 2x5 IDC headers for massmind and other PMinMO header compatible drivers. Signals would be at 5V

    • 5 sets of Pololu headers (5V)

    • 5 thermistor channels

    • 50 pin Expansion for legacy Duex4 via ribbon cable

    I would also add a I2C I/O expander as suggested in the prevous thread, + jumpers/dipswitch as required to allow the firmware to be aware of what is plugged in.

    Anything else? (keeping in mind this is supposed to be a breakout board, not a fully featured expansion board!)


  • Hi Tony,

    A few (maybe 4) RC servo headers would be useful, just the standard 3 pin configuration of +5v signal and GND.
    People could use these for general purpose outputs if they didn't require servo's

    And also some extra general digital inputs using the same or similar 3 or 4 pin 0.1" headers would be great.

    When messing with more intelligent extruders with feedback and actuation requirements it's going to be very useful to have some spare I/O on the expansion.



  • For those who use other vendor standard driver like Pololu, how would this people have heater channels ?

    Are you planning to have the unused pins/signals from the 50-pin expansion header on a adapter board expansion header for
    further purpose ?
    (even if this are just routed to an unpopuleted expansion header place)

  • How's this coming? I have an interested OEM. Main requirement is 5v (or 12v even) step/dir signals.

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    Currently paused with other projects however reasonably quick to do.

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