Big thank you to DC42 and everyone else involved!

  • Got my duet wifi up and running after the blown driver in the last one and holy crap! It's near silent on 24 volts, smooth as silk, and I don't need to tinker with arduino code anymore. You guys ABSOLUTELY rock. I'm tuning accel and jerk and getting part cooling on point (I redesigned the hot end completely). Will post pics when I get home! I can't wait to get this thing going even more!

    For now though, THANK YOU! The 24v E3d hot end fan is louder than anything else on my setup…. 😃

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    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your setup. the 30mm fan on the e3d v6s can be loud - there are designs out there to replace it with a 40mm fan, which then can be a "super silent" type. just make sure the flow rate over the heatsink remains the same.

    Also look into thermostatic control of the hotend cooling fan if you have not yet done so - at least its quieter when the hotends not hot!

  • Right now I have an e3d volcano on it- I love it- I'm tuning in acceleration and jerk- the odd thing is my print isn't quite parallel. I think I need to use the escher wizard a few more times!

  • Screwed up orthagonal and tower offset. Should have non leaning prints tomorrow 😃

  • Added pics to the my setup section. Prints are working great, but I need some more build tak. Had some collisions due to some mechanical issues. OOPS.

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