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    Hi all,

    For those of you posting threads about problems you want help with, when the problem is solved to your satisfaction please can you add [SOLVED] to the end of the title. It helps others to know where to look for a potential solution, and it allows us to prioritise reading other threads.

    I've taken the liberty of adding [SOLVED] to the titles of users threads where they have indicated that the problem is solved.

    If you change your mind about whether the problem is solved, or you think I got it wrong, feel free to delete [SOLVED] from the title and add a new post to the thread.

  • Is there a way to do that on the mobile version? If there is, I didn't find it.

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    @alexander-mundy you can edit your post, including the title. Least you should be able to.

  • Now I feel stupid, was looking for an edit title. It's at the top when doing a regular edit. Thanks.

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    We're hoping to add a "Mark as solved" button in the future; but for now you have to edit the title.

  • Sorry to necro this post, it's the only one I found so far about marking threads "solved". I attempted to do this, and got an error message that a post can not be edited after 3600 seconds. That's 1 hour... not exactly very long.

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    To mark a post as solved:

    • Go to the Topic Tools menu, which you will find on the first and last posts of the topic
    • Select "Ask as question". It will then shows an "Unsolved" flag.
    • Go to Topic Tools again, and select "Mark as solved".

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