Retraction questions

  • Just wanted to see what settings you guys have with deltas as far as retraction distance, coast, etc. Dialing my printer in, it's getting better but I want to make sure I have the right idea. Using the Simplify3d quality guide (and S3d as a slicer)

    (1.75mm PLA with bowden extruder)

  • Well, for my Kossel XL with flying extruder for PLA I am using 3mm retraction at 50mm/S retract speed, 15mm/S prime speed and 0.15mm^3 extra prime amount. 0.5mm of z-hop. Min travel of 2.5mm to trigger a retraction. I don't use coasting. Very happy with the end result. Those numbers are for Cura, I've given up with s3d.

  • I am using 0.8 to 1 mm retraction. Speed is between 5 and 10 mm/sec depending on the filament.
    I sometimes use a coast of 0.2 and often a hop (Retraction vertical lift) of 0.4mm

    But then I am using a remote direct drive on my Delta.

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    The amount of retraction you need depends on the length of the Bowden tube. With no Bowden tube, 1mm is probably enough. Otherwise I find about 1% of the Bowden tube length + 1mm about right, using 1.75,mm PLA. I set the retraction speed high, typically 3600mm/min.

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