Relationship between delta towers and slicer axes.

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    Until this time it had not been important, but now I have to print some pieces with text ... Where orientation is important. I think I could figure this out by doing tests, but I'm asking here to avoid the ones. The questions are:

    • How do you connect the steppers of a delta printer to the Duet board? Xdelta tower to XDuet, Ydelta tower to YDuet and Zdelta tower to XDuet ?.

    • What is the relationship between the position of the towers of a delta and the axes of the Slicer? Pj The axis of the Slicer Y +, corresponds where is the tower with the motor X?

    • The axes in DWC correspond to those in the Slicer?

  • If you look at the front of the delta printer, the closest tower to your left is x, the closest tower to your right is y, and the center/rear tower is z.

    Relative to that same viewing position, the Cartesian origin is in the center of the bed. X+ is to the right, x- is to the left. Y+ is to the back, y- is towards the front.

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