Forum Feature - Mark as Question/Solved.

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    In order to make it easier to spot where a support question has been solved I have added a plugin to mark a topic as a question:

    Once you have created the topic, then please mark it as a question if it is a support question.


    It will then show up on the topic list as "unsolved":

    Once its marked this way it can then be marked as solved:

    Or reverted to a normal topic.
    When it is marked as solved it shows up on the topic list as such:

    Please help by marking topics as questions and then as solved where relevant. Also when you have a different unrelated question its best to start a new topic, you can link back to the old one if there is relavent information (such as a copy of your config.g) in the old topic.

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    Hi Tony! I really like this feature and use it every now and then myself. 👍
    One thing I noticed though that might be improved: additionally to marking the topic as solved it is possible to select a reply as the correct answer to the question. This option is in the individual reply's 3-dot-menu - but only my own replies have the entry in the menu. Usually other people answer my questions but I cannot select their answers.

    Maybe this can be configured somewhere to allow every reply to be selected?

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    @wilriker yeah, that would be helpful. The Node.BB plugin would need extending to do this, will have a look.

  • @t3p3tony This might be extreme but expanding on what @wilriker has said, I'd quite like the ability to stop any further posts in a thread once a question has been answered (or solved). That's probably just me being a grumpy old git.................

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