Remote mounting Paneldue

  • Is it possible to remote mount the Paneldue control board away from the display itself or know of a cable that would? I got a ribbon cable which I thought would do the trick, but it doesn't seem to work….


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    It is possible however as the distance gets larger there is a greater chance of interference making it not work properly. I have not tested it however I know of people who use a short ribbon cable to position the board immediately behind the screen. How much distance are you trying to get between them? Its best to keep this as short ans possible as the 4 wire serial from the Duet to the PanelDue is far more resilient to noise.

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    You can use a short piece of ribbon cable between the controller board and the display. But unless you are very careful, you may find that the ribbon cable swaps alternate pins over.

  • Not much distance, just enough to tuck it safely out of the way (like behind the screen) 3 inches max I guess. I think the cable i got is about 8 inches which might be the problem.

    DC - is there anyway I can check its the correct type without it swapping pins visually before I buy?

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