SD card on paneDue 7" not reading

  • Here you go DC42
    the length is 800mm

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  • Okay, I have tried the 400mm and also the 200mm ribbon cable and it still has the same error as in the beginning. It will not read the SD card inserted in the PanelDue 7". Any other place to look?

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    Your connections look correct to me. Does the same SD card work in a PC? Is is formatted as FAT32?

    The PanelDue controller board just connects the SD card pins on the 40-way connector to the pins on the 10-pin connector. Power for the SD card is provided by the TFT panel.

  • Is there a size limit to the SD card used? I have used everything from a 100mm to a 400mm cable and it still will not connect. Yes the SD card is formatted to FAT32 and works in my PC.

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    I am not aware of a size limit. The SD card I test with is 8Gb.

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    The SD card are limited to the SD 2.0 standard called SDHC so up to 32GB

  • Okay, I give up.. I have tried several different brands of SD cards, No help, I have tried different lengths of ribbon cable, No help,. Every time I try to connect to SD card on the PanelDue I receive the same error

    "" Error 1 accessing SD card""

    could the problem be in the PanelDue 2.0 control board or the DuetWiFi connection itself??

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    It's unlikely to be a problem with the PanelDue because the pins from the TFT socket are connected directly to the pins on the ribbon cable connector. It's a little more likely to be a problem with the Duet WiFi because a pin on the microcontroller is also involved. It's also more likely to be a problem with the TFT panel because that has the socket and it is also responsible for providing power to the SD card.

  • Hello,

    Just got round to try using sd card with my panel due and getting the same error.

    duetwifi firmware 1.17e
    paneldue firmware 1.15c on 7" screen
    8gb sdhc card fat 32
    150mm idc cable

  • I have tried SD cards ranging from 1gb to 32 and have recieved the same error with each card

  • Just attempted to use the SD card as well and can't get it to read. Any follow ups on this to get it working? 7" here as well.

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    Just attempted to use the SD card as well and can't get it to read. Any follow ups on this to get it working? 7" here as well.

    Can you confirm that you have connected the PanelDue to the Duet using a ribbon cable as well as the 4-way cable? Are you sure the ribbon cable is wired correctly, pin 1 to pin 1?

  • Everything else works fine.

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    All the other functions of PanelDue use just the 4-core cable. Only the SD card uses the ribbon cable.

  • Not sure if you can see the picture, but the ribbon cable, two of them that I have tried, is correct. Both with an overall length of 400mm.

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    I'm sorry, the picture won't display on the tablet that I am typing this on.

    Does the SD card read OK in a PC?

    If we rule out the ribbon cable and the SD card, then the problem could be with the Duet, the PanelDue controller, or the TFT panel assembly including the socket and the 3.3V regulator chip. Unfortunately it's hard to pin it down to one of those components without either an oscilloscope or a second set of those 3 parts to swap in. The PanelDue is least likely to be at fault if the solder joints on the ribbon cable connector and the display connector look ok, because all it does is to connect them together.

  • Yes, the SD card is good and used in other computers. Even tried a format for Ss&Gs. I will give everything a good looking over when this print job is up and we can go from there. Thanks for the help.

  • I had similar problems with getting my second SD card to work when I first hooked it up. I do want to say up front that I am not using the SD card socket on the panel due as it was not in a convenient location given the way I ended up designing the enclosure for my Lcd, I have a external SD card slot breakout board. Nevertheless I do think what I did may help. From my looking into this issue this most recent go around and with my last 3d printer where I had similar issues, I found that the problem was ribbon cable length. It wasn't so much that it was too long, its was more about it being the correct length in the range of the length I needed for my application. From what I have read online it's something along the lines of signal reflection or something like that I think is was is happening. Both times I ended up shorting the cable by about 10mm and then it worked properly. If your are able to crimp ribbon cables give it a go and see if it works, you may need to shorten it a couple of times to get it working.
    As a side note I saw an app note from a manufacturer, can't remember which one, that said for long length spi communications differental signaling should be used, the same type as rs422. That would require an active converter ic at each end of the cable, maybe some day I will get around to designing a board and try it out.

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