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  • My duet v1.03 probably has less than a day of printing on it but yesterday the micro SD card was totally destroyed whilst printing such that the card cannot be detected. I'm wondering if there is a known cause for this and if so any precautions I can take to avoid it happening again?

    I resolved the issue by installing the SD files downloaded from here; Card Contents onto a new micro SD card and then adding the configuration files into the sys/ folder for anyone else facing this issue.

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    There is no known cause for SD card failure other than a wiring short that would normally destroy other components as well. My guess is that it was just a bad SD card. Which type of Duet is it, and is it a genuine one purchased from Duet3D or one of out distributors?

  • Yes it was purchased directly from you and I was using the supplied SD card.

  • My Maestro SD card died today too. I think it was from me ejecting it while a print was in progress. Cuz I'm just that dumb occasionally.

  • Hi will the Download from Si3 comments work on the Duet Maestro, please

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    @russell said in SD card wiped:

    Hi will the Download from Si3 comments work on the Duet Maestro, please

    Yes, as a starting point. It won't include any 12864 display configuration files, and you will need to generate config.g and homing files for your printer.

  • Thank you David, Happy New Year and thank you for all your hard work throughout the year we all appreciate it even if we don't tell you.

  • @dc42 I am having this same issue, about 2 weeks ago my 1 month old duet wifi memory card wiped itself. I replaced the card and the files and now, 2 weeks later, wiped again. It has not been removed or touched since it was installed. It was a different, new card. When I insert either original or the newest wiped card into the computer directly, it just says memory device unrecognizable. Duet v1.04 Both times seemed to happen when a job was paused and then canceled. After that, what I presume is the basic firmware/ software was on the PanelDue.

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    Can you confirm that you are referring to the micro SD card in the Duet, not an SD card in the PanelDue?

    Does your PC give you the option of reformatting the SD cards that are not working?

  • @dc42 yes sir. Duet microsd card. I don’t have one in the paneldue

    Computer doesn’t give me any options. Just a message that it the card is unreadable. Even manually going to the card there are no options available to reformat on my Mac. I just put it in my windows machine and it let me reformat. I did fat 16 for the 4gb factory card and fat32 for the 32gb card I bought. Now the windows and Mac machine recognize them.

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    I'm sorry, I really don't know what happened to cause the SD card to be wiped. One possibility is that it lost power at a critical time. I guess a bad contact in the SD card socket is another possibility, or a bad solder joint between the SD card socket and the PCB.

  • I realize this is quite and old thread but I just wanted to add that I have now had five SD cards ruined on my Duet2 WiFi. All the cards were quality brand cards. All the cards were dead to the extent that my Windows computer knew something was placed in the SD slot but none of the cards could be read, reformatted, repaired. I even tried third party software to try to recover or restore them. All dead.

    I will be replacing the Duet2 WiFi with another board to see if this resolves the issue. I am hoping it is not a short from outside of the board since that will be challenging to track down. I did not pull the SD cards or replace them while the printer was plugged in. Each time the SD card failed I also received a message about losing WiFi connection. The WiFi always returned when I replaced the SD card. All the SD cards were in the Duet2 slot, not the Paneldue slot. I have never used the PanelDue slot.

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    @seabumb sorry to hear about that. It is possible that there is something in your wiring that is feeding a higher voltage into the 3.3V rail - enough to damage the SD card but not enough to damage the processor, wifi module, or other ICs. alternatively the 3.3V regulator or possibly another component could be feeding a higher voltage to 3.3V, but that would be a strange failure mode to happen intermittently.

    Swapping the boards around will hopefully show if the issue is on the Duet or something external to it. How long are you printing for in between SD card failures?

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    Do you have logging enabled (M929 in config.g)? If so, there could be a problem if you turn off power while or shortly after a log file entry is being written. Even after the log file has been updated, the SD card may spend several tens or even hundreds of milliseconds performing wear levelling.

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