Stop during printing

  • good evening everyone
    Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
    I have a little monster tevo with a Duet Wifi card "2.02RC7".
    My printer stops at every turn for half a second, which causes some kind of stuffing.
    My slicing software is simplify 3d.
    Thank you.

  • Can this be the cause of the wrong setting of the "JERK"?

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    @synergy41 said in Stop during printing:

    My printer stops at every turn for half a second, which causes some kind of stuffing.

    Please explain what you mean by "turn". Do you mean it pauses at every corner of the cube? Or once per layer?

    Please post your config.g file.

  • Hello David,
    The printer stops at the end of each layer.
    I tried with 2 different slicer "Cura and Simplify 3d" and the phenomenon is identical.
    I am attaching my Config file.
    thank you
    0_1545996754847_config (4).g

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    I don't see anything in your config.g that would explain it, so I'll need to see the GCode file too.

  • Hello David.
    All my best wishes for this new year 2019.
    I send you as asking for my G.CODE file.
    thank you

    0_1546367486096_cube 25 v2.gcode

  • I can't read any of the config settings, but running it through the simulator I see what you mean, it goes around goes back, pauses then goes around again.

    I see a gap in the cube, which either means you sliced it with coasting on or, there is no junction there and it treats it as a second geometry- also if the object is slightly thicker than one extrusion width, but to thin for a second extrusion line, it will try to stitch it together.

    Also combing can cause this unnecessary pause.

    Try a different model to print.

  • In Cura that can. be caused by your minimum layer time and lift head settings
    If the printer does the layer faster than the minimum time even at the minimum speed set, it will pause (and lift the head)
    Not sure if the amount the head lifted is arbitrary or set by Z Hop.

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    At each layer change it does these operations:

    G92 E0.0000
    G1 X12.260 Y-8.660 E-2.0000 F1080
    G1 X12.260 Y-7.260 F1080
    ; layer 12, Z = 1.888
    G1 Z2.028 F1002
    G1 X12.260 Y-12.260 F5400
    G1 Z1.888 F1002
    G1 E0.0000 F600

    The last line tells it to re-prime 2mm of filament at 10mm/sec. That will take 0.2sec. Is that the length of pause you observe?

  • @dc42Yes it is around this time lapse

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    @synergy41 said in Stop during printing:

    @dc42Yes it is around this time lapse

    So if you want to reduce the pause time, use a faster re-prime speed in your slicer settings.

  • @dc42 Thanks for the answer David,
    unfortunately I am limited by the speed of withdrawal of my extruder "ED3" this one mache filament when I put a speed too high.
    On the other hand I try to print a cube in vase mode and I have no problem, I must find the difference in my setting in my profile Simplify 3D.


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