Tilt senor for emergency stop?

  • Is is possible to mount tilt sensor in the bed frame, such that, if a Z axis motor failed, a tilted bed could be detected/ triggered and send a shut/ emergency stop all signal to the processing job? Wondering... If it is possible to wire up such a sensor into my duet 2 wifi and perform an emergency stop.


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    If you can find a suitable tilt sensor and wire it to a spare endstop input, you use the M581 command to configure the firmware to do an emergency stop when it is triggered.

  • Thanks, that makes sense. Was thinking of something like RB-231X2. Maybe a little pcb with them mounted in a radial planer array in series, to detect failure in different directions.

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    In the old days we used mercury switches for this kind of thing, but I guess those are banned now.

  • I used to use a steel ball on the frame to level my old printer when it was set up at a new location- it was much more sensitive to tilt than a bubble level. If the X axis uses a piece of t-slot you can put a steel ball on it and it will be a very sensitive tilt sensor. Then all you have to do is detect the ball, either optically, magnetically, or using a piezo element.

    In a dual motor set-up the X axis won't usually tilt while the machine is printing, so the Prusa technique of running the X axis to the top of the Z axis and a little beyond to force the Z motors/screws to sync works pretty well.