WebInterface dosn´t hold position

  • Having two DuetWifi running Webinterface 1.22.6
    On one controller I have an issue with the webinterface

    My screen isn´t big enough to show everything at the same time.
    If I scroll down to the end (bottom) of the page the page is running back to the top.
    As example, if I go down to the button "Apply Settings" the Page is moving back to the top of the site

    On my 2nd controller I didn´t have this effect.

    Is there any setting I can enable or disable this effect?

  • Zoom a little bit out in your browser?
    Hold CTRL and scroll down in that window.

    For MAC I have no idea on how to do this

  • Thanks R3play,

    Yes I can do that, but this is only a work around.
    Anything is diffrent in settings or ... to my 2nd controller.

  • I´ve just installed the new Web Control 2.0.0RC2 and the issue isn´t there

  • I have the same problem. I am trying to config the duet now and the DWC spins back up when I scroll down. Is this normal?

  • I have the 2.0 firmware and i have the same problem...
    any body knows how to solve this issue?

  • Try toggle Settings - User Interface - Always show info area and main menu.

  • I've had Web Control 2.0.0RC2 installed for a while and not had this problem until 2 days ago when firefox had an update. The problem isn't there if I open the interface in Microsoft Edge but obviously Edge is crap because it doesnt allow streaming from the camera.


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