Print head doesn't heat up

  • Hi,
    I am new to electronics and 3 printing so please bear with me 🙂
    Iam trying to test the head heating function of my delta printer. The temperature sensor seems to work fine, but the heating wire seems to have an issue.
    This is how i wired it:
    When i select a temperature in the duet wifi, the temperature doesn't rise up …
    Any idea why ?

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    Does the E0 led on the Duet light up when you set the temperature?

    If no, have you selected tool 0?

    If yes, check the resistance between the ferrules to make sure you have good connections.

  • Thanks for your answer DC42.
    Yes the heatE0 led light up red when i choose a temperature.

    If no, have you selected tool 0?

    Iam not sure what do you mean? To test the print head i just choose a temperature from the drop down menu on top of the screen.

    If yes, check the resistance between the ferrules to make sure you have good connections.

    Yes i think i'll go ahead and buy a multimeter next week!

  • Even if you don't have a multimeter, you should trace the wires from the hot end heater all the way up to where it connects to the control board. It looks like some of the wires are bent too sharply around the body of the heater. Look for shorts or broken wires around there first. Trace the red wires from the heater to the control board. If you are using extension wires, check any connector or solder joints to make sure its connected properly. Most of the time, the damage is at the body of the heater and any connection points all the way to the heater terminal.

    It looks like one of the ferrule is damaged with the tape around it and the frayed wires to the board for the thermistor. If the connection is bad, remove the ferrule and wire directly to the control board for now and retest.

  • Hi, was this ever resolved? I have the same issue with both my hotend as well as my heat bed.

  • Hi yes finally i have resolved this issue.
    I bought a multi-meter and realized that my wire was faulty … So i changed it and now it all work as intended!
    thanks a lot for your help guys.

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