PT100 board pinout/instructions?

  • Hi guys, here I am after having DUETWIFI and DUE X5 on a shelf for good two years, back to trying to use it. And to my big disappointment, there is still zero useful instructions, or at least those that are possible to find. I am having an adafruit board max31865 and trying to set that all up with PT100 RTD sensor. Sensor connectors are quite clear, but board connection is anything but clear. Where the simple image pinout would do the trick, I again found literally pages of unnecessary over-detailed info which is no help, since it doesn't cover simple basics. The best I was able to find in 30 minutes of heavy searching is this:

    where it sort of shows the pinout, but here is another problem - pins absolutely don't match the board pinout! I downloaded a pinout for my duetwifi (thanks god it exists), and looking at the table from that link nothing literally match.

    One would guess after so many years of development and sales, such basic thing as PT100 connection pinout should absolutely be covered, but looks like it is not covered again. The documentation still not existent and Makerbase from China actually surprisingly have a much better documentation, but their boards suck lol.

    I hate having to ask people especially for such basic stuff which has to be available without a need to ask every time. I mean seriously, how basic and popular is a use of PT100 sensor on your boards? And I am sorry I did not buy your brand board, since it costs 3x as much as any other. With that said, I didn't find any instructions or pinouts even for your own board. And I googled the crap out of this and NOTHING. How is this even possible? @David how is that "proper manual" going which you promised to make two years ago? I mean guys, seriously, PT100 setup manual for a 3D Printer board, how rare can this be?

  • Detailed documentation for what you're trying to do doesn't really exist for the simple reason that your approach is an odd one. Instead of using the Duet PT100 daughterboard like most everyone would do, you're using a third party board.

    This is like buying a Honda Civic, and then then being upset that Honda does not provide detailed instructions for installing a Ford engine into the car.

    I don't know why you spent 30 minutes of searching to find that page, if you go to the Duet documentation, type in "PT100" in the search box, that page you linked is the first result.

    At any rate, the info in the table does match, though it is for generic PT100 boards and Duet 0.6/0.8.5. Assuming you have this specific board from Adafruit:

    Then look at the schematic for the Duet 2 Wifi:

    Connect the Vin pin on the Adafruit board to pin 8 of the SPIO temperature sensor board connector and so on.

  • @elmoret Thanks. The board is a paperweight now and is out of warranty already I assume. Weirdly failed after I connected a display via UART... oh well. What else can go wrong with that thing. AS for your civic comparison, I have a tesla, but I do not spend money unwisely like that, otherwise I would have had a civic probably with ford engine lol. I also prefer buying on amazon for convenience reason. Assembled car is a finished market product, and here we are talking about DIY item, so it is weird that you even compare roaches to apples here. I am not sure how many days you are in DIY hobby for, but buying a different "brand" of the board with same functions, is actually what is going on all over the place. We are not on gucci page here, it's a motherboard. DO you also oly buy duet sensors and duet heaters? Then why not buy a DUET 3D printer and not do anything at all? lol. I do not see any problem using adafruit board, and the only single issue of me not being able to use it is that the pinout for a DIY electronic component is not shown anywhere, including the pinout of their own add on board. And I made it work by the way, figured out ports on my own, by duetwifi schematics.

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