Duetwifi bricked after firmware installation

  • Hi guys, after being on my shelf for good two years, I finally decided to use the board, only to see it turn into a paperweight in a matter of hours...


    These are the lights that it shows, zero response from PC from plugged in. Should I go to my garbage bin and live with wasted $170? IT's a 1.02 version, I assume it is out of warranty anyways, despite not using it. Needless to say, that DIAG light manual is not available anywhere and only developers know what it means.

    Board has failed after I connected an external MKS PAD7 display via Paneldue UART port. I did connect same exact hardware via USB ports and it already worked before. So I am not sure if that was even the real reason. PAD7 is powered from the same power supply with 12V, but there was no 12V fed to that connection. So this failure is a weird one and I am thinking it may have failed for some other reason.

    When connected to PC main chip gets quite hot, I'd say around 50C-ish.

    What sucks even more, I had to rewire my whole machine to install this board after MKS SBASE board, that was using normal connections. For DUET (not sure why) many connectors had to be rewired in a weird sequence, not standard one. Now I have a rewired machined and a $170 paperweight on my desk that I haven't even used. And another $110 DUEx5 that thanksfully works, but that is because it was not used yet.

    I went through all restore procedures already, and pressing reset or erase buttons does nothing. Sometimes the board turns on with E1stop, E0stop and Ystop LEDs on, sometimes not, which is also very weird. I think when you run it for a 1-2 minutes from USB power, then turn off and and then turn on again, it turns on with those 3 endstop lights on.

    If anyone had a similar situation I'd really appreciate the input, as it is scheduled to go into my garbage bin now, and throwing away $170 without ever using it is not fun.

  • whats the ribbon cable for? its plugged into the temp sensor daughter board socket

  • As far as I can tell, the MKS PAD7 outputs 5 volts on its UART pins. The Duet uses 3.3v. So you just fed 5v into a 3.3v processor, smoking it in the process.

    Even if the board was still in the warranty period, warranties don’t cover user-inflicted damage.

  • @elmoret could have been that. I thought the same as well. I thought of not connecting VIN cable at all, but then felt lazy puling it out of the plug. ☹ Could have totally used the DUET without the display at all. But oh well... So, I guess the trash can awaits. At least I can now upgrade to V1.4 lol. I kinda felt bad for using an obsolete board and my thoughts materialized this way I guess.

  • @elmoret electronics hobby is brutal and unforgiving! 😵

  • @monster-delta Thank you Captain Obvious, I kinda have an idea where it is plugged 😀

  • Can't you have the board repaired? It would probably be cheaper then replacing it?

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