DC42 IR voltage

  • So I just got a IR probe and I think it is doa.

    I have wired to the IN, GND, 3.3v of the Duet Wifi z probe plug, Skipping the MOD pin

    It never lit LED on boot.

    Meter reads 1.33v across the Vcc and GND on the DC42
    Meter reads 3.33v across the Vcc and GND on Duet

    The Z Probe monitor in the webcontrol read 608 and moves to 609 when paper is under it. No matter how high off board it starts.


  • If the led didn't turn on, you may have connected the cable to the module backwards.

  • I triple checked the cable. Position wasnt the issue.

    Cable was, seems like shop made bad connection or strands broke inside. Used my own cable and all is good!

  • administrators

    I expect there was a bad crimp connection at one end of the cable. I always test cables after I crimp the connectors.

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