Issue with new PanelDue 7i

  • Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas one a possible fix for an issue I'm having with a brand new PanelDue 7i that was purchased from E3D's online store. So I recived a Duet Wifi and a Paneldue 7I from my wife for Christmas and decided after installing my new E3D High Temp Bed 2 days ago that I would test out the Duet and PaneDue. I initially connected the duet and PanelDue using the four lead wire that came with the display, However upon powering the units I noticed that the display looked dark in blotchy in the middle for maybe 5 seconds and then it went to a fine checkered patter with random red, green, and blue lines throughout the display. Since this seemed odd I decided to hit the reset on the display which did nothing (the display did not go dark as expected when reset was it). I then decided to try an connect the display to the duet using the short ribbon cable instead, and again the same issue. So after doing some research I found out that possible the firmware has been erased. I then connected the PaneIDue to my computer and it was recognized as a communication device by the computer but the same issue persist. While connected to the computer I used the current BOSSA (V1.9.1) and reinstalled the firmware. However the issue persist, but now when the reset button is pressed the display dims temporarily as I would expect it should have originally. So Reset button seems to reset the unit now but the display still is not showing anything. Does anyone have any idea what the issue maybe? or a fix? I've reached out to E3D and was told to post my issue and in the event there's a simple solution. Which is a little frustrating on a brand new item to be honest. I will add links to photo, and video of issue.

    Additionally these are the steps I've taken in troubleshooting the issue with more details,

    • Connected Panel to Duet Wifi using both the ribbon cable, and four lead wire with only one cable connected at a time (i.e either the ribbon cable or the 4 lead wire, not both at the same time)
    • When the display is connected to the duet the panel is being powered using either the ribbon cable for 4 lead wire and not by USB
    • Connected both the PanelDue and the DuetWifi to my computer, both are recognized. the Duet appears as "DUET" and the PanelDue appears as "Communication Device". Im able to connect to the duet using simplified3D without issue and it appears to be communicating as expected.
      -When Flashing firmware using BOSSA I had erase all, boot to Flash, and lock all check marked. Flashing firmware completes successfully, and Verifying completes also without issue.
    • After firmware is reinstalled nothing other then the random lines and checkered patterns appear on the display (see photos)
    • Used firmware PanelDue-v2-7.0.bin from for firmware install.
    • Interesting note, in preperation to reinstall the firmware I followed the procedure of holding the erase button for 1-2 seconds then releasing it and pressing and releasing the reset button. however after pressing the reset button the display did not go dim as expected. Nothing would happen when pressing the reset button until after I reinstalled the firmware and then the reset button would make the display go dim and then comeback on as expected



    I think it may be done for and may need a Warranty Claim. Please let me know if anyone has any idea of a possible fix or if you have any further questions.


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    @liljuanton said in Issue with new PanelDue 7i:

    Used firmware PanelDue-v2-7.0.bin from for firmware install.

    I think you're using the wrong firmware.

    For the 5" and 7" integrated versions of PanelDue, use file PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin. Or use PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i-nologo.bin and add your own logo to it.

    And have you seen this page for PanelDue firmware update directions?
    It sounds like you're doing it right, but pressing reset and using the wrong firmware would lead to unintended things. That's not to say there isn't a hardware problem in addition.

    So please follow the testing the board and installing firmware directions from that linked page using the firmware for the 7i and see what happens.

  • @phaedrux
    Thanks for the reply! I forgot to mention that I used the same David Crocker article you attached when going through my troubleshooting. I mentioned using the PanelDue-v2-7.0.bin firmware because in the attached crocker article it says

    " if using a 4.3 inch display, or 5.0 if using a 5 inch display, or 7.0 if using the 7 inch display (do not use the 7.0E version) Choose firmware with -v3- in the name if you have a version 3.0 PanelDue controller board, or with -v2- in the name if you have an earlier version."

    and since I have a V2 I tried the V2 Firmware as part of my troubleshooting steps. Additionally I saw the section on the firmware page that states what you quoted

    "For the 5" and 7" integrated versions of PanelDue, use file PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin. Or use PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i-nologo.bin and add your own logo to it."

    and seeing that the firmware page was more recent than the Crocker article I originally tested the "PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin" using the method in the Crocker article. Unfortunately the issue persisted. So then I followed what the crocker article said and tried the firmware with V2 in it or in other words the PanelDue-v2-7.0.bin firmware. Either way neither worked except for the one thing I mentioned about the reset button actually working and making the display dim (as though the display had reset) which did not happen or work when using the PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin. I did want to mention that I didn't hit the reset button until after both the firmware and verification had completed, however the display remained unchanged with the random lines and stuff on it . So I hit the reset button to see if anything would change .

    As to the Reset part your mentioning If its not addressed above I'm not entirely sure what you mean? The only time I used the reset button was during preparation for the firmware install as mentioned in the Crocker article:

    "Press and hold the Erase button of the PanelDue for at least one second. You can access this button by pressing the end of a straightened-out paper clip through the hole in the enclosure.
    Release the Erase button, then press and release the Reset button. If you have a version 2.0 board then the backlight will turn off."

    The only other time I hit the reset button was after attempting the two different firmware installs and verification. when the issue was still present after completing firmware install and verify had completed.

    Sorry if its a little confusing but to shorten it

    • I used the article you mentioned

    • Tried the mentioned firmware

    • Only used the reset button as per the crocker article and has a last resort when nothing changed on the display after attempting each firmware install and having firmware install correctly and verifying completing successfully.

    Let me know if there's something I perhaps missed or am doing wrong.

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    Alright, that clarifies it. If you're getting the same results after following that guide using the right firmware then I'm not sure what else to try. Hold tight until @dc42 can give some input.

  • Roger that, thanks again for the input by the way.

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    The correct firmware is PanelDue-5.0i-7.0i.bin. Check that the file you downloaded has the correct size, about 175kb. If you are sure you have installed the correct firmware file, ask for the PanelDue to be replaced under warranty.

  • @dc42
    Thanks for confirmation of the correct firmware version. Although I had tried that firmware first with no success. However I didn’t pay attention to the file size so I decided to redownload the firmware and made sure the file size was accurate. I then proceeded to reinstalled the firmware, and unfortunately the issue persist. I will reach out to E3D whom my wife purchased it from as my xmas gift.

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