How to configure Ideamaker for RRF?

  • Subject says it all - I would like to try Ideamaker and can only choose Marlin or Raise3d firmware..

    How to go about this?

    0_1549663255212_2019-02-08 (2).png

  • administrators

    Select Marlin and the generated Gcode should be ok for RRF.

  • Ideamaker inserts M1001 and M1002 gcodes into the generated gcode file, which RRF doesn't support (they are ideamaker firmware specific IIRC).

    That doesn't stop the print from working, but if you want to get rid of them to avoid a pop-up about the unsupported gcode, you have to delete them manually from the generated gcode because they're not part of the custom start/end gcode you can configure.

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