G-code for printing with independent lead screws.

  • So I'm wondering how I should set up my start g-code for prints. I'm using 4 independent lead screws for bed leveling. My current g-code is G32, then G28, so it does the bed tramming/leveling and then it rehomes. Should it be set up this way or should I just leave it as G32?

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    G32 and then G28 is how I would do it, because the leveling may change the Z height. Homing afterwards will reestablish the Z0 position.

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    You could do G32 then G28 Z so that it only rehomes the Z axis.

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    I guess you could just add a single G30 at bed center to the end of bed.g (G32).

  • I set the start code in my slicer (Cura) to just send G32 after the code which gets the bed and hot end up to temperature.

    The code in bed.g starts by clearing any active transforms with an M561. Then it homes all axes with G28, probes my two independent bed leadscrews with G30, moves back to the Z probe point and re-homes Z only with G30 and then finally loads and activates the height map.

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