Thermocouple temperature offset

  • Hi, is it possible to correct for a temperature offset between the hotend sensor reading and the actual temperature within the nozzle via gcode? In this case I would need to give it a slope of 2.75 minus 54°C (y=x*2.75-54) to correct a reading of 100°C for an actual temperature of 218,5°C (yes that is huge but it cannot be helped hardware wise currently).

  • administrators

    The firmware doesn't currently provide a way to adjust the reading from a thermocouple, only to select between different types of thermocouple.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! Than its on my wishlist 🙂 I guess it would make sense for everybody who would like to set a realistic temperature? Maybe one could just put the formula somewhere in the Duet web control interface - I never did program html but maybe its possible to do calculation within the code similar to python?


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