Alexa, ask my D-bot to raise the print bed 3mm…

  • I'm curious whether anyone's attempted to write whatever software would be required to interface the Amazon Echo (or the Google version) to the Duet Wifi.

    I have just barely started looking at this, so I know almost nothing about how these things are implemented, but since the Duet Wifi can already be controlled over wifi from the web interface, I'm assuming it should be possible to send the same commands to it from some other piece of software, like from an Amazon Echo.

    Would that be pimp or what? You're working on your printer, away from your desk, and just issue voice commands.

    "Alexa, ask my D-bot to heat the nozzle to 245 C."

    "Alexa, ask my D-bot to pause."

    "Alexa, ask my D-bot to home all."

    "Alexa, ask my D-bot to power off all stepper motors."

    It shouldn't be too hard to define the commands you'd want it to respond to. Just look at whatever commands the web interface currently has, eliminate those that wouldn't make sense as voice commands ("Alexa, ask my D-bot to edit config.g" probably wouldn't make sense), and there you go.

    I'm just curious if anyone's started on this yet.

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    I am not aware of anyone who has - it would be a fun project if you had a home automation system I suppose. The Duet Web Server takes http GET (e.g. rr_upload) commands to carry out actions. These are listed in the readme for DuetWebControl here:

    All the work would be in writing the software for alexa or whatever which I have no experience of how easy or hard that is..

  • Ok, no promises, because I have a lot on my plate, but this sounds like an interesting project for me to begin. I'll start reading more on how stuff is done with Alexa, and go from there. It shouldn't be too hard to get a very rudimentary system working, which could be expanded upon subsequently.

  • You can send gcode with curl like this:

    curl -s http://ip.of.your.duet/rr_gcode?gcode=

    If you need to get the response you have to call /rr_reply afterwards

    curl -s http://ip.of.your.duet/rr_reply

  • Interesting. I started reading up on the Alexa stuff. Still have much more to read and learn, because I've never done something like that before, but I think it would be cool, and want to figure this out.

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