Tevo Little Monster setup with Duet WiFi

  • Hello all, I've had a TLM & DW for over 8 months sitting in their boxes and now I'm getting around to the build, better late than never. My question is about calibration: After home all axis G28, I notice that the X carriage is higher to the top of the tower by about 3mm. Does this not cause the effector to tilt ? How do I fix this. I tried adjusting the endstop trigger screw to no avail.


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    Do you mean that the endstop is triggering 3mm higher for the X tower than for the Y and Z towers? If so:

    1. Make sure the motion really does stop when the correct endstop triggers, in case you have the endstop wires mixed up.

    2. If possible, use the endstop adjusting screws (if there is one) or adjust the endstop switch position so that the endstop trigger within about 1mm of each other.

    3. If that's not easy to do, don't worry. When you run auto calibration, the M666 endstop offset parameters will be adjusted to account for the different trigger heights.

  • Thank you for clearing that up. I tried the best that can be done with the screws, so I'm depending on Auto-Calibration to do the rest...

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