Duet Board not recognized via USB

  • Got my duet board and went through and changed all my connectors on my ender 4 first and then took the board itself yesterday to begin the setup process. i connected it to my laptop via supplied USB cable and nothing occurred. Its not presenting as a device (not present in device manager at all)

    To be clear at this point no power etc has been applied to the board. just USB to pc and its getting power from that.

    I then tried a separate USB cable with no change. I then tried a windows 10 desktop that i have and still nothing. Windows does not even acknowledge that I'm connecting a USB device.

    I put a jumper on the erase pins and powered it up via USB then powered it back off and removed the jumper then reconnected to see if it was just a firmware issue but that didnt make a difference either.

    All of the fuses test out as fine.

    All LED lights come on as they should as well i see no issues with the lights.

    I did try to re-seat the micro SD card at one point and it was either extremely hot or i got shocked not sure what. I don't really want to test again with my finger but i guess for science i will!

    I have it here at work with me im going to get it out and connect it to my PC via USB and take some photos of it.

  • 0_1550768025193_Duet.jpg

  • Just verified with my finger. The SD card slot is extremely hot. i dont have a way to check the temp but its hot enough that one second on it feels like its going to leave a burn on my finger.

  • That picture is helpful, as is the SD card slot temperature information. The SD card may be faulty, could you unplug, let it cool, eject it, and plug back in, see if it is recognized by USB?

  • Ejected SD card and powered it back on. Still no movement in device manager.

    SD card slot does not appear to be heating up now. Its cool to the touch

  • if the SD card is in the unit it heats up almost immediately.

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    If the SD card was getting hot, that usually means there has been a short between +3.3V and either +5V or VIN. The SD card is typically one of the first components to fail because of the over-voltage, but other components may have failed too.

    With the SD card removed, are any other components getting hot? In particular, check the main processor, the WiFi module, U2, and U11 (U11 is next to TR4).

  • @dc42 Removed the SD card and powered the board back on. let it run for a few minutes and the wireless gets hot but the main processor is fine, feels almost room temp.

    EDIT: U2 and U11 both are the same temp as the processor aka not warm.

  • @elmoret @dc42 so what is my path forward for getting a replacement board? I'm very eager to get my printer up and running

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    @goplaytetris, see https://www.duet3d.com/warranty.

    Please check your wiring very carefully. In particular, do you have a Z probe connected to the Z probe connector; and if so, is there any chance that the connections may have come into contact with the hot end metalwork?

  • @dc42 not that I know of. I tried to be as careful as possible when dealing with the board. To expensive for me to risk being an idiot lol. I have no bed level sensor.

    I haven't actually powered on the board from 24v power yet. I had to re terminate every connector on my printer with the new connections and I needed a crimper to do it so I got my board on the 15th. Then had to order the crimper which I got early this week. I crimped all the connections and used a multi meter to make sure it all looked good connection wise then I connected the board to my PC to get the wifi working and that's where we're at.

    I had the board on a wooden table where it shouldn't have conducted between pins on the underside and I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything under it (wire scraps etc)

  • If it's my fault it's my fault though. You guys know way more about the board than I do.

    Is there an estimated repair cost to fix the board if so? I'm guessing components have to be replaced etc.

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    The repair cost won't be known until your board is examined. If you didn't apply 12V or 24V power to it, then I think the worst that can have happened is that 5V got fed to the 3.3V rail (which would account for the SD card failing). In that case the processor and the WiFi module have likely failed, but probably nothing else because the other components connected to 3.3V (e.g. stepper drivers) would not be damaged by 5V.

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