Zesty Nimble flexing the Smart Effector

  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has had issues with the Zesty Nimble causing the Smart Effector PCB to flex?

    So as my effector moves around the drive cable is putting strain on the Nimble and pushing it in the opposite direction causing the PCB to flex and act as a pivot between the Nimble and hot end which means my nozzle position is actually moving away from the center of the effector relative to the movement of the effector causing prints like this.


    Was was getting decent prints with the Nimble initially but over the few weeks I've had it this movement effect is getting worse the more I print. I do have a gimbal at the motor end which has always been there.

    At this point I can't really see any solution other than to switch to a bowden setup with remote extruder. Didn't rate the Titan with a 600mm PTFE tube. Pain in the arse to change filament as well, especially compared to changing filament with the Nimble.

  • Try the Zesty discord channel, they are discussing something that looks like this I think -

    How are the bend radius on the drive cable? It should be at least 10cm.

  • @martin1454 yeah pretty sure that is a different issue as that shows diagonal lines running through the print. With mine if I move the drive cable to simulate movement while printing the PCB flexes and you can see the nozzel moving around.

    The gimbal I have at the motor end keeps it well above 10cm. The only place it ever gets anywhere close to that is when the printer is homed

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