Test of 0.2 mm nozzle

  • Hi,

    i am searching the limits, and after a bad prints.... think i have one, than can save it....

    I post images here of print for C&C, how can improve finish.


     - Duet modifief Tevo little modified
     - Slicer: Cura 4 beta
     - Layer height: 0.05mm
     - Temps: PLA (215/70)
     - Speeds: 20 mm/s
     - Nozzle:0.2 mm

    This is not the first test... for the moment i am happy with finish of printed piece, its not post processed, and its hard to see layers. I have do mistake cleaning supports, in miniature, i have cut parts of models, and i am having problems to retire supports, its difficult to differentiate them from the model. With the miniature, i have printed a scaled down cube...

    The full height of the model is about 40 mm

    0_1551640392002_unnamed (1).jpg
    0_1551640397964_unnamed (2).jpg
    0_1551640403895_unnamed (3).jpg
    0_1551640410036_unnamed (4).jpg
    0_1551640418829_unnamed (5).jpg
    0_1551640424057_unnamed (6).jpg

    Please, tips to fine tune the impression?


  • If your main goal is to print miniatures, check out https://3dprintedtabletop.com -- they have a lot of recommendations specifically for that.

    For the 0.2mm nozzle, I would not print faster than a quarter of the 0.4mm nozzle due to the much larger ratio of incoming filament to nozzle opening.

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