Installing BLTouch on DUET 2 Maestro

  • I just received my BLTouch Kit for installation on my DUET 2 Maestro. I would like to know if the install procedure is still accurate as listed on the Website (for the Maestro)

    It seems as thought Creality has changed the colors on the BLTouch as I have a 2 Pin Connection from the BLTouch with (White and Black) and a 3 Pin Connection from the BLTouch with (Yellow, Red and Blue). The kit I ordered came with a Pinboard A Adapter but im taking it that will NOT be used for installation with the Maestro? The Diagram for Installation I would like to confirm is from your Website and attached with this post. alt text and the Colors and Signal Callouts 0_1552604944003_Screenshot from 2019-03-14 17-57-12.png

  • Look at the circuit board on the bltouch, the wires should have labels on the board, they do on my original versions.

  • @bfpa40 said in Installing BLTouch on DUET 2 Maestro:

    Creality has changed the colors on the BLTouch

    creality does not make the bltouch. be aware the clones have problems with accuracy.

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    Do you have any documentation that explains the wire colours on your BLTouch? The latest documentation on the Antclabs web site is for version 2.2 and refers to the same wire colours as earlier versions.

  • @dc42 I have the 2 sided one page sheet that came with the BLTouch and reflects the new colors. I figured out what was what and attached it to the ZProbe Connectors on the Maestro. If you would like a copy of the PDF I have attached it.0_1552654352799_BLTouch.pdf

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    Thanks, I have updated the wiring table on the wiki.

  • @dc42 Thank You Sir! I am now looking for the commands/steps needed in order to Calibrate the BLTouch in RepRep. I found one guide online but its old and some of the included commands are no longer valid. Does Duet have a step by step like this one? I have ran through the confirming the installation and functionality of the BLTouch i found on the website now need to move on to the calibration of the ZOffset. Attached is the guide i found elsewhe0_1552656563054_How to home the Z Offset with BLTouch.odt re but i like its simplicity.

  • @bfpa40
    that is a cloned bltouch and not the original. it may even change from clone to clone.

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    If you mean to calibrate the trigger height, see I assume you have already set up the M558 command in config.g, and set up and tested the deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g files.

  • @dc42 Yes I have tested the Deploy Probe Retract Proble and all is well with that. Its the Z-Probe Settings in the Config.g and wherever else i have to modify. I will look at the link you posted for insight Thank You Again

  • Hi, I would like to get into the thread of the conversation if you allow me.
    I have a 3D touch (bltouch clone) similar to yours.
    I'm connected to a master duet2. It responds to the basic test commands.
    but when sending the g28 or g29 or g 30. the probe does not eject the PIN it only goes down and I must stop to not break the bed.
    I know it must be some code that I'm missing. but I already ruined my last neurons in them. Please help. Thank you very much from Argentina.

    M574 Z1 S2 ; Set endstops controlled by probe

    M558 P9 F100 H5 R0.2 R6000 A5 B1 ;P9 ES BLTOUCH,f100 (100/mm/m velocidad, h5 altura de movimiento sube 5mm, r0.2 espera 0.2 seg paracomenzar la prueba, A5 intenta 5 veces o hasta tener 2 resultadossimilares consecutivos, b1 apaga el hoend para evitar interferencias

    G31 X0 Y0 Z0 P25 ; Set Z probe type to unmodulated and the dive height + speeds
    M557 X0:140 Y10:150 S140 ; Define mesh grid
    G31 X-15 Y-15 Z-0.08 P25 ; probe offset from nozzle, p is trigger value, set Z=0 for testing

  • @silvasergio15 check your deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g ?

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