the worst corexz conveyor belt printer i've ever built

  • the worst printer
    It's the worst 3d printer i've ever built and designed. It's the first one, so there's that. A slanted-conveyor-belt-bed dealie. 🙂

    I wanted a proper z-probe down to the bed, so I set the duet to CoreXZ and set the conveyor as the Y axis. Blackbelt Cura will do the an angled slices and the whole conveyor-belt thing really well, but it assumes the bed is Z. I uses the post-processor in Cura to swap all the Ys and Zs in the G-code and it worked mostly!

    There's definitely some adjustment to do: Z is a little out of wack, leaning hard towards the front of the machine, and there's no on-board print cooling (hence the old case fan in the back). Honestly I was worried I was just going to get spaghetti instead of a kind-of-successful-conveyor-belt-stunt-print (the calicat's hollow inside).

    Thanks to the forum members who helped me out by replying to my idiotposting or just helping out others and popping up in searches!

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    That's cool. I'd love to see it in action.

  • @phaedrux said in the worst corexz conveyor belt printer i've ever built:

    That's cool. I'd love to see it in action.

    i put together a vidjeo of that print:

    since then I figured out a good chunk of my issues were due to not properly setting the conveyor belt steps/mm.

  • Cool stuff. Did you design this yourself or is it based on something and is there a build guide?

  • Self-designed with inspiration from Bill Steele's work, the Printrbelt, and Zechy's build. I'm working on writing some stuff up but nothing yet. I wasn't even sure if was gonna work! 😬

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