Larger Terminals For Heaters

  • The standard ones come with the little white ferrules (0.5mm2 I believe), but these are too small for the standard E3D heater cartridge (24V, marked as 25W but more like 40W) wires - The light blue ferrules (Next size up - 0.75mm2 I believe) fit the wires but are a very tight fit into the terminals. Also both sizes of ferrule need to be cut down be a couple of millimeters as the terminals are too short.

    If I wasn't using a proper crimper that did a square crimp, I doubt I'd even be able to force them into the terminals at all.

  • administrators

    Thanks for pointing this out, e3d must now use slightly thicker wires. We will look at getting short 0.75mm ferrules as those fit well into the 3.5mm terminals ( but the standard lenght ones do need to be cut down after crimping).

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