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  • Well, I probably should have asked for help before starting this process. The instructions for updating the firmware, etc. on the wiki were a little confusing to me. I downloaded and updated the Duet Web Control and now am trying to update the Duet Wifi firmware and Duet Wifi Server. I've downloaded those files to my computer but when I try to download them to the Duet Wifi (using web control on wifi), I get an error message. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? I initially downloaded these files to the Duet but when it asked if I wanted to update the firmware, I said no because I was trying to get all the files onto the SD card. I've now deleted all the files from the SD card and attempted to download them all again and now I get the error message.


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    DuetWiFiFirmware, DuetWebServer and DuetWebControl should be upgraded in that order because of the dependencies that there are typically between them. Your best option now is to move the SD card to your PC, copy the first two of those files onto it, put the SD card back in the Duet, start the Duet, connect via USB or PanelDue, then send M997 S0 followed by M997 S1.

  • Thanks, just tried and i get this message:
    Firmware binary "DuetWiFiFirmware.bin" not found

    I may have deleted something from the SD card that I wasn't supposed to?

  • I have these 3 files on the SD card.


    It's been some time since I've done anything with the Duet Wifi and my memory isn't the greatest but I think there may have been some file you were supposed to leave on the SD card at all times? I deleted the firmware and server files (and may have deleted something else) because I was getting the error message and thought perhaps the file was bad and I would try again.

  • change the name of this:


    to this:


    same with the wifi server file. It's name has to match what it's looking for

  • Thanks, that seemed to do it! This stuff is confusing to me.
    Here's what I'm showing now…am I up to date?

    Firmware Electronics: Duet WiFi 1.0
    Firmware Version: 1.17e (2017-02-10)
    WiFi Server Version: 1.03 (ch fork)
    Web Interface Version: 1.14a

  • looks like what I'm running, and I think I'm up to date.

  • @dc42:

    DuetWiFiFirmware, DuetWebServer and DuetWebControl should be upgraded in that order because of the dependencies that there are typically between them.

    If you could just put this line in the WiKi, you would save a lot of people a lot of trouble.

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  • My apology for my stupid noob post. It clearly stated the correct order in the instruction documentation.

    This is how I, as an absolute noob, read your instruction:

    Page 1: Getting started

    Page 2: Checking firmware (

    Page 3: Updating firmware
    Choice 1: updating the main firmware
    Choice 2: updating wifi firmware or DWC
    Choice 3: updating more than 1 firmware

    Here, not knowing what I am doing, I made the mistake of picking choice 1. That is my first wrong choice, although I am not quite sure how I would know to pick choice 3 at the time.

    Page 4: Instruction on updating firmware

    Oh by the way, so the instruction goes, I can download multiple firmwares as well. Stupid me downloaded all three available firmwares. No where on this page or the github page is there any warning that these must be installed in order. Your single line warning here would have bailed me out. Alternatively, I should have went back a step to "updating more than 1 firmware" to get the warning before proceeding. I am not quite sure how I would know to do that.

    Anyway, the installation obviously did not work.
    In my frustration, in an attempt to reset the board, I accidentally hit the erase button. Fatal mistake!
    I should have read the forum before reading the installation instruction.

    Now I am sitting here patiently waiting for Atmel to send me a link for SAM-BA. . . and have too much time for stupid noob posts.

  • i pretty much did the same thing except i ended up hitting the erase button and now i can't get samba or pronterface to connect to the board. i have re-downloaded the firmware and server .bins and made sure that the file size was correct and copied them to the sd card, as well as comment out the wifi command in the config files but I still cannot get the board to connect to pronterface or samba. was curios if i was missing any steps or doing something wrong and I am also using a Linux computer.

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    Does Linux include a utility for listing the available USB devices? If so, see whether "Bossa port" appears when you connect your Duet in its erased state.

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    Hi chojn1

    Sorry the instructions were not clear, we do try and make them clear and are adding improvements as they are suggested. I have edited the page with a note at the top which will hopefully alert people in the future.

    Which OS do you need SAMABA for? It is available here:

  • By checking USB devices through terminal it finds it as an atmel corp. at91sam SAMBA bootloader.

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    In that case, you should be able to use SAM-BA to program it, although you might need to install a device driver. [EDIT: or perhaps you need to tell SAM-BA which port to use when it starts up. I haven't used the Linux version, so I don't know whether it auto-detects the port like the Windows version does.]

  • if you are having issues with installing a usb driver, i think you can download and install cura (free)and it will do that as part of the install. I am a newbie too and am learning slowly but surely. Think of it as learning a new language, its not just the words that matter so translation is often lost. A lot of the information on here is technical and specific. Since i don't have the basic foundation, it often does not make any sense. I had to read the same configuration instructions over 4 times before David was even able to explain it to me or more to the point before i understood what he was saying. 🙂

  • Finally got some free time to work on the printer this weekend.
    The email with the link for SAMBA from Atmel never came. (I made the mistake of trying to download it as a guest.) I gave up and registered and the software was readily available.
    It is listed for windows XP, 7 & 8, which got me worried as I no longer have one of those machines. It didn't matter as that version works fine on Windows 10. After about 30 minutes of fiddling, I am now up and running with the new firmware installed!

    Really like your hardware (DUE WIFI and the panel due). The web control is really cool. The instruction on the Wiki is actually excellent (except for for the one missing line of course). It is like programing, the order of the instructions does matter. And the response for help here is instantaneous.

    Cannot wait to finish the machine and test drive this new set up.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

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    Glad that it's coming together!

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