DWC versus Direct, observation

  • When in DWC and a print from SD card is failed, then print is paused and canceled. After board is cleared and print is started fresh, Extruder motor will only twitch causing not so much a fail but a total lack of anything. This behavior does not resolve on it's own, and printer must be reset to get the extruder running again.

    This behavior does not happen even under exact same circumstances, when operated by direct control. Infact, I have never seen this issue until after using DWC for prints.

    I will add to this thread as I gather info.

    Normal print behaviors,
    DWC shows no errors,
    DWC shows normal extrude count up,
    No prime before print start,
    No layer at print start (not in itself a symptom),
    Directly Follows all canceled prints in DWC

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    @rflulling do you have a tool selected when trying to start a new print?

    What do you have in pause.g and cancel.g when you cancel the print?

  • Never made any customization's to those files. They are what they were on the day they were downloaded from GitHub. Save only for defaults added by RRF.

    I honestly cannot believe that either of these files are doing anything at all.

    ; stop.g
    ; called when a print is cancelled after a pause.

    ; stop.g
    ; called when M0 (Stop) is run (e.g. when a print from SD card is cancelled)
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool v2 on Sun Jan 27 2019 20:58:34 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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    As @Phaedrux suggests, this may be caused by having no tool selected when you start a print after cancelling the previous one. Unfortunately, many slicers fail to include a T0 command near the start of the GCode that they generate. You can get round this by creating a start.g file in the /sys folder and putting a T0 command in it.

  • @Phaedrux
    By default a tool is always specified in the gcode. Why should a user need to take an additional step to tell the DWC that they are going to use a tool?

    @phaedrux said in DWC versus Direct, observation:

    @rflulling do you have a tool selected when trying to start a new print?

    By the way @Phaedrux , not that I would have known who to look for, but I did not see you or any one from Duet at MRRF.
    Though I did notice a booth selling stacks of boxes marked as DuetWifi and Maestro.

  • @dc42
    Noted. I will look for this and see if some how it is the reason. S3D does denote a tool as far as I know.

    sorry @dc42 your reply some how did not show up until after I had addressed @Phaedrux

  • @rflulling From Tom's video, E3D was there.

  • @Stephen6309 Ahh, yes E3D was there by TAZ. Is @Phaedrux with E3D? I wanted to talk to them but they were always in other conversations, or eating. I wanted to ask about the head switching machines I thought they develped and I saw several of then in the building. But then a video from last year showed TAZ with an advanced Head switching machine that sounded like what I thought E3D was tinkering with, but further along.

  • @rflulling We had Duet (@T3P3Tony and @Phaedrux), E3D, Lulzbot, Matterhackers, Sublime Publications (Michael Hackney and me) and SeeMeCNC all in the northeast corner of the main building. Was a good crowd, everybody was swamped, particularly E3D.

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    The Duet table was sandwiched between the Bondtech and E3D tables.

    The Duets being sold there were at the Printed Solid booth at the opposite end of the building from us.

    It was quite packed at times. Sorry we missed talking to you.


  • @Phaedrux Well, thats just annoying.

    I have a very distinct feeling that I popped up at that table but every one was engaged in other conversations. I know I was at the E3D table. Could not get any one to notice. Not the end of the world. I am not exactly a big investor.

    I know, I could not even get any place near the Bondtech table. To many very firmly rooted feet, in place, not moving an inch for very long conversations. Closest I got was the table with the Mosquito hot ends. Was a wall of men from that point on, all the way to the E3D table.

    Did see the SeeMeCNC stuff. Paired up with TAZ. The props on the table, and the giant machine in the corner.

    Saw Joel too, and similar, always a wall. Not that I had any business with him.
    -Was a bit like seeing the back of Bruise Willis's head (I sub contracted at a hotel he stayed at in NYC).

    Chatted up the Guys at Olsen Ruby a bit. Found out that the Ruby is not for me until I start working with abrasives. Tried to take interest in the PLA booth directly across from them. But other than having a massive stock they had nothing I wanted.

    Coolest things I saw were the Lady with the fully articulated Jackalope from hell. And the guy with the mechanically functional Engine w/ functional Transmission. Those two were impressive.

    Got to meet the guys from TH3D. That was cool.

    The Railcore ii builds were for sure worth note too. I want their aluminum parts, and linear rail computer leveled 3 axis Z. I want to add that to the E3D multi head machine. Then incorporate the TH3D sensor. -Well, I can dream right??

    So E3D's multi head, how come that thing isn't official but so many seemed to have it? are the plans public now? or have I over looked it's launch? What happened to the TAZ variant? Heck, why didnt TAZ have much to anything to even show this year, despite launching their PRO only days before the show, whats up with that?

    One thing to look forward too, the guys selling goop, said they have a PETG compatible line coming. So that applies to me. Yay. I asked then to look at M3D Tough Ink too. So I look forward to their spray on stuff or PETG and maybe Tough Ink.

    There was a guy building a Railcore II. He had a pile of thin washer/shims that he was using and gave me the empty bag to help me find them online. Very valuable, since the FT-6 shipped with washers that grab both sides of the bearings and these shims will let the bearings spin properly!

    I hoped to see more next gen tech previews. Maybe some new hot end tech. But didn't.
    Still need All metal hot end parts that actually fit together properly.
    Still looking for hacks to help with making better and worse skins.

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    You must have arrived right at the peak on Saturday. It was wall to wall packed.

    The E3D tool changer had 30 beta units sent out to various early adopters for testing and feedback. https://e3d-online.com/blog/2019/01/23/the-e3d-toolchanger-beta-30-is-taking-shape/
    E3D themselves had a production version at their table with some tweaks. I didn't actually get to talk to them about it much either. But it sounds like more details will be coming soon.

    I think Lulzbot had the Taz Pro there to show with dual Titan Aeros. But I didn't actually get to talk to them about it either.

    For hotends, there was the Mosquito from Slice, and in the other building there was Hotends.com with the new J-heads that look very nice. MicroSwiss as well, but they didn't have much to show. Though they did have an enormous 3D printed nozzle that must have weight a few Kg.

  • @phaedrux
    Would like to try a MicroSwiss, but they are costly and to take full advantage I would need a whole new hot end assembly. 😞

    Did not know about the Beta. Thanks.
    I had been talking about their prototype after seeing it on a youtube interview from 2017?
    But then 2018 and it was not shown in videos. Taz was talking up their own product. I wondered if I was confused as to who was developing this.

    Arrived just as Joel was give away his printer. Sadly did not have much control over the arrival with work and travel. Had about 20 min after the giveaway then names were being called out. Then it became almost impossible to move as every one formed up a line that blocked movement, as the catering started. I asked about that but every one played dumb. So kept trying to shuffle around. By the time I got over to your side almost every one had beers and chips, most were settling down with a mouth full, that is other than those frozen in place with conversation. Though it looked like E3D had been drinking for a while. Ended up talking to Olsen Ruby.

    About an Hour later got over to the other hall. Many were leaving. I forget the name of the group up in the front corner, but they didn't look like they had much to show. But the whole area smelled like an open tap. I kept moving. Talked to the TH3D guys.

    If I had gotten in at E3D, I am sure I would have realized Duet was next door.
    -Sorry I missed you too. I was looking forward to the meet and greet.

  • Ok back to the Original Topic.

    Looked at the Code just now and S3D does call out T0 in at least the head warm up commands. Does it also need to include T0 on all move commands?

    Like I said, never have a trouble with control when direct over USB no mater how many times I reset. But if from SD card, and I reset I loose the Extruder.

    What would I be looking for in the code to know if it was causing an issue?

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    @rflulling said in DWC versus Direct, observation:

    Looked at the Code just now and S3D does call out T0 in at least the head warm up commands. Does it also need to include T0 on all move commands?

    It needs to be before the first command that does extruder heating, extrusion or retraction.

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