Look what I have to play with

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    An anycubic predator.
    I have a review to do and then it's getting a new brain

  • Review part 1 is here.
    I have printed with it, which I will go into in another post but all I can say is A4988 - noisy. I can't wait to get a quiet duet into it.

  • i switched to optical endstops on my linear plus and it became more consistent. i guess they arrived at the same conclusion.
    And the fan duct on my linear plus was printed as well.

  • @jay_s_uk I've just read your review. It looks like you are just starting out with your blog so I hope you don't mind if I point out that there are quite a few typos where it looks like an auto correct function has inserted a wrong word. Please take that in the way it was intended which was to be helpful rather than critical.
    For info, the E3D (clone) hot end with the PTFE liner is the Lite version. If you only print PLA then it will be much less likely to jam. If you need to print other filaments at higher temperatures, then you'll need the all metal version but be aware that this might cause problems when printing PLA especially if you need to use higher retraction.

  • @deckingman Thanks for your comments. I've updated part 1 a bit and hopefully found all the errors. At the moment I've only got PLA to print but will eventually move on to other types of filament. I used to print in ABS years ago.

    @Veti I also have a linear plus. I'll check what the duct is when I get home but I'm sure it wasn't printed. I never bothered to change the type of end stops on mine. The mechanical ones seemed to just work.

    I'm looking forward to getting a duet 2 fitted to this machine. The electronics fitted to it are awful. It prints well though.

  • Review part 2

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