High heat printer builds are like putting out small fires everywhere. As soon as you get a handle on something, something else comes into play. EVERYTHING starts to matter when you start building up that kind of heat. I just tested out my high heat version 3.0 today which went surprisingly well. IMG_0734.JPG IMG_0732.JPG IMG_0731.JPGThis is my work in progress, I built the enclosure out of aluminum on top of a old stainless toolbox my father-in-law gave me, the enclosure's 24 x 24 x 36. It has a 1400W heater/fan combo I found on amazon for $30 originally for a gas fireplace. Everything's insulated and sealed with fire-foam or high heat silicone. The setup utilizes a main return duct at the top of the enclosure used to recirculate the air, it maxes out at roughly 120C. Insides a Ender 5 that I Frankensteined into a core xy running a BMGX2-M w/ mosquito liquids, you can almost cook an egg on the extruder steppers...Its been a fun project but I feel like I got more wrapped up into the challenge of getting it there than anything. Any questions feel free to reach out.