Reporting and editing firmware retraction parameters

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to RRF and duet, but found it advance and exciting.
    And I've just converted my ultimaker 2 clone to use duet2 wifi. One feature I was hoping to get back is the firmware retraction.
    It has the advantage to adjust the retraction amount and speed on the fly, instead of cancel and re-slice the model.

    To achieve this, I need to improve the following things,

    1. Make the status reporting the current retraction settings. Maybe in type 2?
    2. Add an extra parameter to M207 to set the tool if more than one tool is configured. Default is to choose the current tool.
    3. Enhance the DWC to have input components for adjusting these values.

    Maybe this might not eventually merge back to the mainstream, but I'd like some advice before I got started.
    And avoiding conflicting with mainstream direction will also make my life easier when maintaining it.
    Thanks in advance.


  • @alexjx No1 is easy. Like most commands in RRF, if you simply enter M207 without any parameters, it will will report back the current settings.

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    @alexjx as Ian has said point 1 is already done

    Point 2 might be able to be done as an array for each extruder (like we refer to Ennn:mmm:ooo etc) or at least the switch should be set for the extuder drive rather than for the tool. The reason for that is that a tool can have multiple extruder drives: and each could potentially have a different retract setting. This would still work in the situation where each tool had only one drive and you would set the retraction for a extruder rather than the tool.

    For point 3, in the short term, you can use macros to simplify setting these values. The issue with having fields for this in the "stock" DWC is there are so many settings that can be tweaked on the fly during tuning that you would end up with a UI full of 100s of settings!

  • Thanks, @deckingman, and @T3P3Tony.
    I know that M207 without parameter could get the current settings, but generating the new command to alter this by "hand" doesn't seems attractive.
    As I plan to implement it on my own, and agreed there just might be too many settings for DWC, therefore my goal was not to merge it.
    Since I'm new to RRF, suggestions on how it should be done will be very valuable to me. And it will reduce future maintenance headache to have my own fork. 🙂

    The extruder/tool point is a very valuable point.

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    @t3p3tony said in Reporting and editing firmware retraction parameters:

    a UI full of 100s of settings!

    One can dream.

    @alexjx have you seen this?

    Works best with a PanelDue and makes tuning retraction much nicer.

  • @phaedrux Interesting link. That's a very good direction. I could just list a few candidate values. Didn't think about that. Thanks.

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